any regrets this weekend?

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  1. Saw something you resisted to get, or resisted to go, and now kicking yourself in the derrierre for?
  2. I do definetly, the lurex black wristlet, i got the top handle adn the coin purse, but the one thing i told myself i would only buy this season i passed up! dumb me!!!!!!!
  3. I regret not looking at more when I was in the outlet store but there were so many people in there that it was hard to move. Plus, there was a cute signature wristlet that I had in my hand and almost bought but I put it down. I already started regretting it while I was standing in line but I wasn't going to get out to go back and get it. Oh well!!
  4. I *totally* regret not buying 2 adorable wristlets that I had in my hand (I'm kicking myself over this!). One was a red signature and the other was in brown leather. Now I realize they were TDF, and I passed them up. :yucky:
  5. I kinda thought I regret not picking up the lurex mini skinnys but nah, I don't need it and I like the optic lurex wristlets from last year better and I have those so I'm all good.
  6. AHHH I can't locate it anywhere :sad: so sad right now.
  7. i'm regretting not going now...

    though i think if i went, a few of you would have beat me...
  8. yeah, mine was sold out of black by the time I got there yesterday, and was almost sold out of pink.

    my only regret is spending so much. :roflmfao: but it's not all for me, so it's all good! my christmas shopping is almost done :biggrin: also, the YOU SAVED part was more than the total, so it's all good, right?!
  9. None. I didn't go to the outlets and I was regreting that at midnight. But I guess I didn't miss on anything.
  10. I wish I went this weekend, but was too busy to go. I had a 4 day weekend & didn't get to relax abit. Had relatives over, did some black friday shopping around locally (coach outlet is about 45 min drive), went bowling, & of course celebrated Thanksgiving.
  11. A pair of black heels...the ones with the turnlock on the toe and the wooden heel. They only had one display pair left in my size and they were a tiny bit scuffed so I passed but it was the last pair and they are on sale. :sweatdrop:
  12. Hi! This is my very first post - yay!
    I found some interesting bags at a TJMaxx...picked up a black Soho Ski, and now wish I grabbed the Poppy Pleated Small Hobo there as well...
    Does anyone have either of these? I can't really use the Ski yet, and am still debating if I should go back for the poppy...Thanks!;)
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