Any regrets that you wish you had bought?

  1. Are there are pieces of clothing you wish you had bought but now it's too late?

    For me, the spring 2000 Fendi long white mink coat with the pastel circles (from the ad campaign), a black Versace mink tail knotted long coat, a Versace 2000 black and orange square pattern vircose dress, the fall 2001 rusched top from the YSL ad campaign [​IMG], the exaggerated collar jackets from Gucci fall 2003 [​IMG], the leather dress with the corsage at the neck from Gucci fall 1999, and the Chloe chiffon top that I remember Giselle wearing to an awards show or something, but cannot remember which collection it's from, probably between fall01-fall02.
  2. shirise had a pair of black jimmy choo sandals in my size for $225.

    i missed out on it and regret it so much now!
  3. -A pair of Just Cavalli pants with extensive beading in a tuxedo style down the either side marked down from $450 to $135 at the Neiman Marcus last call sale from fw 04

    -An Yves Saint Laurent grey alpaca cardigan from fw 06

    Oh, the memories...
  4. a white calvin klein tee, with a print of angel wings at the back........

    i didn't buy it because i found it a bit expensive at about USD$ 150....... but after giving me sleepless nights, i went back for it and it was gone (sob).......
  5. i can name a lot!!!lol

    but the most recent are:
    chanel classic flap be4 the price is increasing
    MBMJ flat waiting for sale, and i cant find them in my size everywhere!!!
  6. Unfortunately I can name too many!
    Last summer on sales there were Chloe Betty tote and Chloe Paddy in tan and black each one 1000$, I did not buy (what an idiot, cannot forgive myself).
    In an outlet I saw once Gucci horsebit hobo for 500$, did not buy, still regret.
    Loads of shoes after discounts (Last year Cavalli sandals only for 400$!!).
    And lots more...:crybaby:

    My point now is: if you really LOVE the thing, buy it, otherwise you'll regret it ever since.
  7. Oh yes! The most recent, I had two cotton n' spandex tops, glorified t-shirts, really, plain scoop neck with rhinestones round the edge of the scoop. Red and black. I asked Mr Puff which I should get. Of course he said both. No, I said, I'm not going to get both. Which ONE? And of course, he said red. If he bought my clothes, my closet would contain few non-red things.

    I was stupid, they were so cheap, about $7 clearance at Marshall's or the Burlington coat factory, marked down from some huge amount, I suppose because they were some famous name or other.

    I should have heeded Mr Puff's initial advice and gotten the black one too. A black top with rhinestones round the scoop for $7 is not a thing anybody should leave in a store.
  8. A pair of Miu miu black/yellow sneakers for 100$ (and they were my size)... a pair of gold D&G sneakers who were in sale in their store in Milan (they were something like 120$) and a green Gucci jacket... :crybaby: