Any regrets on Bubble Quilt purchase?

  1. this is the most i have spent on a bag and starting to have regrets...

    does anyone feel that these bags are too trendy for the hefty price tag or if this style is classic enough for the long haul.

    also, is everyone still enjoying their bags, and is chanel going to continue this line for next season?
  2. I can't say that I regretted it, but I returned my small BQ flap because I worried about the lambskin on the BQ flap. :sweatdrop:
  3. I still love my bubble quilt and will wear it for many years, but I totally understand where fice16 is coming from. I tend to have to baby the bag, and be extra careful that I don't scratch it.
  4. My only regret is in being to late to learn of it and hence have no chance to own one :smile: (sorry if it is a little off track; hope u dun mind) :smile:
  5. I returned my green BQ too. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful bag, but I just don't love it as much as my classic flaps.:whistle: Can you return it or resell it? If not, just keep it, maybe one day the BQ will be a super hard to find rare, or you will love it again!:yes:
  6. No regrets at all. I love:heart: my BQ bowler. IMHO it is both modern and classic. I too will wear it for years to come. I love my flaps and totes too, but I like having different and unique bags.
  7. Is funny you ask this question, cuz I am still at a ' to stay or to go' situation with my Bubble Quilted Bowler. At this point....I still couldn't decide:shrugs: I know for sure that I never regret any buys of those Chanel classics (love those flaps):love:
  8. ^^i's such a beautiful bag, but i'm still not sure if the price justifies that, considering it is a little smaller than i had expected...

    that's why i was wondering if this bag is being continued, because if not, then i would probably keep it. still on the fence as i know i still have time to decide on whether or not to return. decisions, decisions:confused1:
  9. me too...i think i regret not being able to get one...
  10. I have the dark green bubble quilt flap-and I have to say I love it. Its one of my favorites. I was alittle nervous about the lambskin on it and being so delicate and using it as an everyday bag-but my friend/SA assured me that it was coated and could take a beating. She was right-I have been using it for an everyday bag and I am not gentle on my bags at all and it is not scratched or distressed. As a matter of fact I am eyeing another one.
  11. I love it more everytime I take it out of the box to admire it, but still unsure if it's a keeper. It is rather pricey!
  12. What color is the pink BQ?
  13. I thought about getting one, I ran into a lot of them... and they are in the NM catalog, but I showed it to a friend of mine and he said it reminded him of a brain... and this is a metrosexual friend, so I decided against it... found myself a cloudy instead!
  14. I returned the BQ Bowler (dk beige) I absolutely love the style but felt I had to baby it too much from scratches etc...also, I have a 3yr old and just couldn't risk peanut butter and jelly all over this gorgeous bag:wtf:.
  15. I remember those days- PBJ !!!! lol