any regrets from the speedy 35??

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  1. I'm trying to decide on it...thanks;)
  2. hi, luvmy3girls! i find my speedy 35 to be very roomy since i tend to carry alot on a daily basis. perhaps you can try it on at a boutique near you before deciding?
  3. No~ I have 2 and one more on the way:heart: Love them!
  4. Had one and sold it was it was too big for my daily needs
  5. love mine!!! I was debating between 30 and 35 and 35 won b/c i like to stuff mine, but I don't like the look of it stuffed...I really like the saggy look!!
  6. here's another one, it's kinda blurry...[​IMG]
  7. ^^ btw, the red thing in my bag is not the lining but my pink/fuschia scarf!
  8. push this thread up - again - any regrets? no complaints?

    I think I have to get a speedy - totally umdecided, which size, which fabric ...

    so I think I start with the size.
    size is quite important.
    since there are less 35ers available, I want to make sure first, 35 is the right
    size for me (5'8'', EU size 40)?
    like mini lin will not be in the race any more :sad:

    btw, has anyone ever asked you, if you are heading for a trip, since the bag is big?

    ps: I LVOE to see pics :smile:
  9. i have a 30 in damier & recently got a 35 in miroir
    i like the 30 with its shape not saggy
    but the 35 saggy bcuz this time around it didn come in a size 30

    if you're tall i think a 35 would look good on you :tup:
    hope my pictures would help a lil.. =\

    im still deciding on my 35 cuz of its material
    im soooo scared to take it out..
    but i luv it soo much ion wanna let go
    argh* what to do =(
    30.jpg 35.jpg
  10. chikkax,

    those are great pictures! you look like you can wear any size and it works on you. :smile:

    I totally understand why you are worried with the vernis - I am even "afraid" of the azur, wearing dark jeans etc.
  11. 35 is too big for me. Prefer size 30.
  12. I think size 35 works ,because you are tall! :yes:
    I would make a try!
  13. I agree.
  14. Personally I think the 35 is too big for everyday. I guess maybe if you have kids and tend to carry stuff around for them or you use it for work to carry stuff in it would be ok. Otherwise I think the 30 is plenty big.
  15. thank you for answering!
    do you sometimes carry magazines in the speedy 30?
    I read once it is too small?!

    would a vogue fit in the speedy 30 with the narrow zipper?

    thank you!!