Any regrets for the Batignolles Horizontal, Saleya, or Cabas Piano?

  1. After constantly thinking about it for the last week I still cant decide which bag would I like best. Its really hard to tell how "handy" a bag is without having used it so I would like to ask everyone for some help. If you have ever had experience with a BH, CP, or Saleya PM ... or have regretted purchasing or simply dont love it as much as you did before, please let me know and why. On the other hand, if you really love it... please let me know too and why. I really analyze before I buy so any input is great, detailed input is even better. Thanks much!
  2. I have the BH and Saleya GM, but ughhh... lol I never really *loved* them to start with. I just HAD to have them for school lol. I bought BH at first, but not enough space to carry all my ginormous books, so then the Saleya came in. However, I don't regret any of the purchases. I just alternate now: heavy book days belong to Saleya and easy going days belong to BH. They're very good everyday bags, and I don't really worry about them getting all banged up.:yes:
  3. i own a cabas piano and i love it. it is my everyday bag. i did buy a BH but returned it as it was too big for me. its a cute bag, but its not suitable for my everyday needs.
  4. I have the BH and I love this bag. It's a pretty big bag and can carry my son's things. It's easy to get in and out of.
  5. just got the bh about a week and a half ago. and while it is a great bag, i had to send it back to the boutique to either be replaced or repaired. for some reason, the buckles on the sides were oxidized. i don't know why that hapenned but that hasn't hapenned to any of my lvs before. i'm missing it a lot though since it's really a great everyday bag. not fancy but just a sensible big bag to throw my stuff into.
  6. I had the BH. I love it at first but after a while, I did not like it that much. The BH in my opinon, it's a little bit wide for my frame. I bumped into people with my Bh all the time especially in crowded areas.

    Since Bh is an open top, I feel people can see what's in my purse. The clasp closure takes too much time for me so I never use that thing. Sometimes it feels as if I had to use my arm to close the bag.

    The Saleya Pm on the other hand is great... looks great on any frames.... zipper closure (fast and secure). I use it as a shoulder bag. I just love its red interior and how its so soft inside.

    Hope that helps. Good luck on your decision.:smile::yes:
  7. I have the bh and the piano. I used to regret the piano but i use it alot now. The bh is very unstructured , it's really a tote and very easy to use. I do feel that the leather on top of the bag attrachts dirt but that is the same issue the piano has with the leather bottom. The piano is also a little smaller and i love it a bit more because the bh is to smaal for school and to big for a few hours of shopping for me
  8. I have the BH and I love it! I wasn't sure at first if I would like the open top/clip closure, but now it's so easy to throw stuff into the bag. And, I carry it on my shoulder all of the time, so my arm keeps the BH closed. I'm not worried that someone is going to put their hand in my bag. I do not carry it in my hands when I'm in a crowded place since that is asking for trouble because of the open top.

    I sold my Cabas Piano (my first bag!) in Dec. to a co-worker who had always admired it. I liked the bag, but it was getting too small for all of my accessory bags that I have to carry with me. I wasn't using it and I wanted to buy a Petit Noe, so I sold the Cabas Piano to help fund my new purchase. Got a good price on it, too!!! I can still see the Cabas Piano since my co-worker carrys it alot (she also bought my Mono Trouville).
  9. I have all three and use my piano the least (only once so far). The BH is my favorite--very, very useful.

    The saleya pm is a great bag. Cute, but a little less of a workhorse, as it doesn't hold as much and can't be carried on the shoulder.
  10. i have the Batignolles Horizontal, and i love it. it's a great bag for work or travel, as it's very roomy and the handles are very comfortable
  11. I have the BH. Just like everyone has said it is a GREAT everyday bag. I love it
  12. i love my bh, but you have to get used to the "open" feeling, if i want to have a little more protection for my wallet (like going downtown) i carry my speedy or my alma

    but the bh is a fabulous tote!
  13. I have both BH and Saleya PM. Both are great bags, but if I have to choose between the two, I go with Saleya PM. I love how it has the zipper top to close up everything inside. I also prefer the look of Saleya PM over BH.
  14. I have the BH and it's my favorite bag!! I use it all the time!!
  15. May I ask how come you have only used the piano once? Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I thought the Cabas Piano is the same size and overall bag as the Saleya PM except the canvas is different, shape is slightly different (salyea is more of a trapezoid and more structured) and the straps/handles. Theyre almost the same bag right in terms of size and the zipper and such right?