Any regrets? Any downside to the Lindy?

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  1. To all the Lindy owners out there.
    Does anyone regret buying it? anyone find that it doesn't suit their needs? I suppose I am looking for the opposite of enabling. I need some dampening down and some perspective before I come home with a very lovely 34cm Lindy tomorrow.
    I don't think it's shape suits me that great - I'm small and not skinny.
    Also I only want a shoulder bag, so why would I go any buy a hybrid when I'll never use the hand strap?
    I saw a thread here where the bag was likened to a camera bag and I think "well, maybe it's a bit boxy, looks like luggage" then I think "I have to have it"!
    I'd love to hear from anyone who has one and then armed with your insider knowledge I will make a decision and stop dreaming about this very lovely, very smooshy bag.
    I know it's all subjective at the end of the day but owners can sometimes help with their own experiences.
  2. I don't have one, yet, but the thing that always puts me off a little is the fact that you can't remove the shoulder strap. I always prefer hand held bags and if the strap could be removed I would
  3. Dear Ms. SC:

    I am a HUGE Lindy fan :graucho:

    To me, I LOVE the fact that it can be BOTH handheld and on the shoulder.

    If size is a concern, try the 30 cm as it suits me best (I am short and NOT skinny either)...

    It folds like a FORTUNE cookie, so has the hip yet funtional aspect. It's my RUN-n-GO bag.

    For spring/summer, I use light colors and fall/winter, the darker shade.

    Hope this info helps and pls do share you 'finding treasure'!!!
  4. :sweatdrop:
    What to do.....
  5. Dear Ms. SC:

    The leather is NOT hard and structured, so it tends to be smooshy after usage, so you will NOT feel it is HUGE BOX!!!

    GO to the store and try it out as this 'thinking about it' issue will give you sleepless nights...
  6. I have tried it on and that's my dilemma. I'm not sure it suits me but I still really want it! It would be so handy....
  7. IMO it is not good to have any hesitations for such a pricy item. Will you be trying it on in the store? If you do, you will know the moment you see it. Look out for the "Ding Ding Ding" feeling, then it's coming home with you no matter what. Good luck! On the flip side there is no shame in saying no.

    For me, I don't like the look when I wear it on my shoulder, it is very square and I look weird at the side view. I've been doing some thinking and concluded that maybe the straps were too short and it was sitting at the wrong part of me. I LOVE the handheld look thou. So I'm still waiting for the right combo to come along, something that will steal my heart.
  8. Agreed.

    You may want to consider getting a Lindy at resale, "in case". Unlike a Birkin, you can probably easily get one for around 4k (or less) in pristine condition.
  9. sarachryan, I am probably physically shaped the same as you. Not tall or skinny. I have to say, NONE of my SAs would let me buy the Lindy as it looked horrible on me. I keep trying, but it continues to look bad. This is not to say it doesn't look good on you, but I find the shape very difficult due to the boxiness. The kelly So however looks MUCH nicer. Have you tried that one? It falls flat against your body, compliments your silhouette instead of adding a bulge right where I DON'T need it. Other bags to try for shoulder carry that may compliment your frame better include the evelyne and gao. I highly recommend trying all 3 bags I mentioned. Good luck.
  10. This is all much appreciated. I'm so crazy for the color, BJ, and really want a shoulder bag that I'm choosing to ignore that it maybe isn't my thing.
    That said, if I'm thinking about it for this long, then maybe I should plunge. There are bigger problems in the world, this is silly, but thankfully I can parse it all out here!
  11. sarachryan, Good luck!! If the Lindy doesn't work for you,
    I'm sure you can find another H bag you will like even better. :smile:
  12. Hermesmonkey - Thanks for this. I have the Evelyne and I love love love it. Wear it all the time. My local hasn't received the SO Kelly so I haven't seen it in real life. The Gao is impossible to get your hands on in Europe. I have rung lots of stores.

    So SO so????
  13. I personally don't care for the lindy for myself, my SA was surprised when I said this, I never even got to the try part as I didn't like the open/close of it for myself.

    I'm not saying it's not a great looking bag, I love the look of it, I love the smushy, casual look too, I think it's a great looking bag, I love the bag for others.

    So I guess you have to ask yourself, do you love the bag and do you love it for yourself? I love the Lindy but not for myself.
  14. I love the bag, I think it is gorgeous. My issue is that I don't think it loves me and much and all as I love it , I think I need to wait for another that loves me a little too.
    This is so useful and exactly what I needed to sort my head out about what I should do.
  15. Good luck with whatever you decide. I hope you find the bag that you love and love for yourself. :smile: