Any regrets about owning a Keepall?

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  1. Just curious if anyone has any regrets about purchasing a Keepall - did it not hold up like you thought it would? Did it not handle the wear and tear of the airport, I am just curious if anyone has any regrets - thanks! :graucho:
  2. As much as I love my keepall, I sort of regret not getting the smallest pegase instead as it gets really heavy carrying around a bag all the time. And of course, when it's mono, I'm afraid to put it down because of the vachetta also, so it has given me a bit more stress than another bag would, but I still love it. However, if you get one, get one with a shoulder strap. It's sooo worth the extra cost.
  3. A while back I had the Keepall...I would NEVER get one again unless it was the keepall 45 without a strap or a vintage keepall. Because I had a keepall 55 with strap and it was soooo annoying, the starp rubs on you even though I had the shoulder pad thingie and the bag was far too big...also it gets easily marked.
  4. we hardly EVER use ours tbh! its about a year and half old and has been used all of 4/5 times!
  5. Point. I always get scratches and marks on my shoulder after carrying mine around, but it's still better than having to carry it all the time. I'll recommend the OP to get a damier though. vachetta is hell:cursing:
  6. ITA Damier would be much better choice :smile:
  7. I have a vintage Mono 45 (no strap) and my only regret is that I don't get to use it enough!

    It already has a lovely gold patina so I don't worry about marks and such.
  8. mmm, I love vintage keepall 45's :nuts:
  9. I actually think that buying the Keepall or other luggage pieces 2nd hand or vintage is the way to go. Time and time again, I keep hearing that people are afraid to use their luggage -- if its 2nd hand/vintage, there isn't that fear of getting the "first mark".

    And there is a Keepall 60 on sale on that has a fantastic honey color to it!
  10. Thanks everyone for your thoughts about your Keepalls, I appreciate your honesty.

    Clarke76 -I did see that one on Let-trade. Thanks again!!!
  11. I love my keepall 45. It's a good weekender bag when I drive to my parents house for the weekend when i feel like going home from school. :p But for traveling, I use a random black pull and tow thingy, because i don't want to ruin the keepall. :smile:
  12. Yea...after reading everyone's responses I am thinking the same thing - thanks!!

    Although I think I will go with the 50 instead of the 45 - then again, I'd love to have both - HA! HA!

    Someday, only 1 for now. HA! HA!
  13. I love my Keepall, no regrets about it at all. I actually want either a Damier Azur or Ebene one right now..
  14. I love mine, it's holds a ton. I was super careful with it, but then I realized if it's luggage, itll be marked and I got it for that purpose so I can't sweat it much......besides, I let my dad borrow it once for a business trip he had and he got the FIRST MARK! Bad dad! Now he has his own to mark up, hmph! ..hehe. :p
  15. I love my keepall.