Any recs for a NYC plastic surgeon that specializes in...

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  1. breast reduction/augmentation?

    (I figured this post would be best suited here than in the "general discussion" area.)
  2. I PM'd you!

    I don't know where this fits best, let me know if you want me to move it to General Discusiion, I think it could fit there too.
  3. Brad Jacobson is the best in NYC IMO.

    I have seen a few of his augs, and they were flawless.
  4. dr andrew kornstein on upper east side. my friend went to him for breast augmentation and she looks wonderful.....very natural.
  5. Hi,

    I had cosmetic surgery a little over a year ago and found great information at another forum. I don't know if I can post the link here but it is called (if the link is inappropriate, please remove it) You can find all sorts of information about doctors and procedures. All the women on the forum have either had cosmetic surgery or are thinking about getting it. It's also a very good support group. Good luck!
  6. I know an amazing amazing plastic surgeon in South Florida... but that isn'tof help to you really (sorry) but maybe it could be of help to someone else at some point!! Good luck on the hunt
  7. my surgeon is really good, that's not what i went to her for, but that's her specialty. if you're interested, pm me.
  8. I know an amazing ps in richmond virginia. People have travelled all over the world to use him. I also know of some good internet sites to help. PM me if interested.
  9. Doesn't he currently have a huge lawsuit going on? I saw something about it on the news a few months back. That said, I have a friend that used him for a revision augmentation and she is quite happy
  10. dr. mark sultan, specializes in breast cancer patients, going for breast lift and implants in march
  11. Let me tell you about Dr. Nachman Rosenfeld. I was so comfortable with him and he did such a great job that no one believes I have had my breast inhanced!!! He is a board certified doctor who not only specializes in BA but in all aspects of PS. He is also the Director of Metropolitan plastic surgens, the best thing about him. It was only 55 hundred to have my BA.

    I recovered very fast and he was so great called me everyday for 3 weeks and your future doctor visits are completely free!!!!!

    Dr. Nachman Rosenfeld, Dr. Rosenfeld, Nachman Rosenfeld M.D., Plastic Surgeon, New York, New Jersey
  12. I had breast augmentation a few years ago-implants. Anyhow, was a very helpful site, I think I had a list of PS in different areas.
  13. Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC is EXCELLENT. I didn't go to him for breast aug. or reduction, but everything he does is AMAZING and if you tell him you're on a budget, he'll try to throw in freebies. Also, the rest of your followup visits are free too. I just love him. good luck!
  14. I need some boobage back. Three nursed kids later...there aint much left! So, this it give docs nationwide?

    i never thought I'd do ps, but I would love to feel womanly again! I'm not even talking bigguns....just some normal ones!! :smile:

    I've heard from those who are athletic, that the recovery pain feels much like sore overworked muscles? Another question for you who have done practical would it be to have 3 sm children and try to take care of them during recovery? Is it do-able?
  15. I think the NY Magazine every year does the Top 10 doctors in the city. Maybe you could retrieve the 2006 copy? Also, W magazine always has special interview every year for a special section on cosmetic procedures.