any recs for a nicer SA at NM? Looking for a large classic in white caviar!

  1. Hey ladies. I've been posting left & right about this bag, and calling NMs (to get double points on my purchase) as well. So far, two SA's (SF, Willow Bend) have told me the large is nonexistent. It's just the medium and the jumbo.

    Am I hallucinating? Did I *dream* up my dream bag?! If anyone has seen this anywhere, or knows of a NICE SA that's willing to help me out, please let me know.

  2. I have only heard of/seen the jumbo, the medium (that is sometimes called medium/large here, right?), and the small. So I don't think the SAs are necessarily not being nice, they're just avoiding having to tell you that you're hallucinating/dreaming :lol:

    From the Reference Library:

    The Classic Flap Bag comes in three sizes:

    Small - 9" W x 5.5" H x 2" D $1,495.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin

    Medium - 10" x 6" x 2.5" $1,595.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin

    Jumbo - 12" x 8" x 3" $1,695.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin

    Prices are obviously out of date...
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  3. I thought Chanel boy posted there was a medium/large at the Mall of America store.
  4. yep. it's the medium/large. i think it's 1995 now right? eurgh!
  5. Yes the med/large size is really what Chanel refers to as the med and the jumbo is the largest size. I have been looking for the jumbo in white with old chain for two weeks and haven't been able to find it. The jumbo with new chain in dk white (light beige to me) is available at NM San Antonio.