Any recs for a great cross body bag???

  1. I'm tall, 5'10", so I need a nice long strap. I'd like the bag to be medium sized, no Coach swingpacks. any ideas? I'm coming up empty.


    I like the look of this, but it looks kind of short on her, and I've got about 7" of height on her.
  2. the coffer is great as a cross-body bag.

    i have used the hell out of it walking around in the city and it's very comfortable.
  3. roots has some great ones
  4. ditto. i love my suede coffer.
  5. that is gorgeous, but sooo outa my price range right now.
  6. I love my LV Musette, nice and large; and my LV Musette Salsa with long strap. I am currently lusting over the Hayden-Harnett Barnard also, which was previously mentioned. I love bags that can be carried crossbody.
  7. big 2nd on the hh barnard!! i don't really like crossbody bags, but i love that one for some reason.
  8. 3rd for hayden harnett! also prada has a couple of great xbody bags!
  9. I saw a girl wearing a Chloe bay messenger bag today. I loved it in action.
  10. I had it in saddle and it's no longer with me because I was paranoid about it getting dirty. Here's a picture of me carrying it. I think it's on the middle setting or so. From the first picture, it looks like there's two more notches to make it longer. So maybe it'll get about 4 inches longer? I'm 5'6" for reference.
    IMG_7118.JPG IMG_7121.JPG
  11. thanks Turtle, I remember your picks. It looks great!