Any recommendtion for summer bag?

  1. Normally, I always be a loyal fan of designer handbag especially Chanel and LV.

    I have many plans to travelling this summer and I think some places are not save to use the designer bags.

    Any recommendation for a practical bag? I don't mind for a cheap bag.

    I went to H&M today and like a black bag at 9.99 GB pounds. I think it is cute and OK but not sure whether it is durable and looks good. Sorry that I have no pix :push:!

    Thanks in advance for any recommendation :supacool:
  2. I don't know if you're into this look, but lesportsac is a great summer bag brand, so light and easy to care for. Plus tokidoki is too cute! The bags aren't expensive relative to the designer brands either.
  3. How about a small messenger bag - not sure if it's big enough to carry your stuff. I've bought a bag from this lovely lady in the UK and she'll take custom orders (you can email her to ask about the fabrics available):



    Costs slightly more than 22 pounds sterling or so.