Any Recommended SAs in Bal Harbor??


Jan 25, 2006
I am going there and I am very interested in buying a birkin!! 25 or 20 preferably 30! I am interested in color like black, red, orange, gold etc :nuts:

Can you refer me to a great SA because I have heard about rude service there and also what are the different colors and names of the reds, oranges, and browns/beiges??

Thank you so much in advance!!
Yay! MInnie is ready to take the plunnge! I don't live in Florida so I can't help with SA's but I do wish you luck! Any way you could hop on a commuter to Charlotte? The new boutique opened there with Birkins galore!
Minnie my sweetheart...I wish you all the luck in the world, but do not expect to leave with a birkin.

I know several people who have worked for years to crack that boutique and finally one may have just made a little headway. I NEVER say NEVER and I hope you are fortunate when you go, but just don't go expecting.

I can't even give advice on which SA since it has been quite a while since I have entered that boutique. Maybe someone else will chime in.

We have lots of info. in our reference thread...all the colors/leathers etc. Maybe take a peek and when you have questions posts them here and we will answer. Also, the members' bags thread is lovely because you get to see so many bags and the colors as well.

We have worked hard to try and organize the reference area and so many people compiled info there. Give it a shot and then come back here.

GOOD LUCK! I hope you get a bag!!!
Know what? You are not going to be too far from Palm Beach...if you take a short road trip you can give it a shot as well.

We had a really bad report on the boutique itself, but there was a 30 chocolate birkin on the shelf. Maybe you can get lucky.

One negative you will be facing in both H boutiques is the fact that is is season now and the snowbirds are here. Also, I Have noticed many people from S. America are here. It will be busy.

Worth Ave. is a great place to spend part of a day and see wonderful things. The ocean is right at the end of the very pretty. I love it there. takes just one bag and I would love to hear your success others hope down here.
Okay who do you recommend in the NYC boutique? I wanted to get one on vacation because shopping is always more fun on vacation but if it does work out I will go for New York, if New York doesn't have any my SO's grandfather travels to Europe and to Ukraine every couple of months and stays there and thats where he brings all the birkins from so I will get one from there I don't think its impossible because he brings all the Birkins and Kellys from my SOs mother and grandmother and they have 10 all together!! I would love to know a SA anyone recommends in New York though!! Thanks.

I will go to the Hermes in Bal Harbor with an attitude waaving around a stack of cash screaming give me a birkin or your lives are on the line like a psycho!!! Just kidding!! It would b e pretty funny though but I don't feel like being arrested!! :smile:
Minnie, you are too sweet. They key is to get one of those SA's to get the birkin out of the back room. They are there, but not out front for you to see. Whatever smooth move you can do...DO IT!
I love Worth Avenue anyways, maybe you'd enjoy that side trip. There is a pretty big Gucci shop and Chanel has quite a bit of fine jewelry along with Van C & A. There is also a Tiffany's and a bunch of other shops. You can get something to eat and perhaps a drink at the Breakers. Its true that those with winter homes will be down - I get the feeling that the cater to multi-generations of Hermes owners in that particular shop, multi-generations with winter homes close to or on the beach that is!