any recommended product to remove blemishes?

  1. Hi all,

    I have some blemishes on my face due to acne, it isn;t a big problem as i usually can cover them up with light make up.. But lately, they have been getting on my nerves..

    My sister recommended me to use Avene (treatment care for acne prone skin smoothes skin surface), a product which she swears do wonders for her skin (she has pretty good skin)..

    i went to purchase the whole range of product which she recommended, but it does little (if anything) to me..

    So im just wondering if there is any product that would help me with this problem?

    I am tempted to try chemical peeling.. but my job requires me to meet clients all the time, as such it isn't the best option as i cant show up with peeling skin :sad:
  2. I'm not sure if this would be any help to you, but once or twice a month I apply a Kaolin Clay mask to my face and it really does wonders for my skin! My sister swears by her Mint Julep mask but I prefer the Kaolin Clay.
  3. I had adult acne and took Accutane twice..The acne return but not cystic.. It was hormonal because it was in my jaw and sides of my face....I am not sure if this would help you, but on a salacilyc acid peel visit (which is recommended to unclogg pores) my aesthethician saw my problem and recommended Obag products; She works for a plastic surgeon, so the Dr. looked at my skin and taught I would be a good candidate.. It's a kit with 5 easy steps, and it clear my skin beautifully... I love product #5 beacuse is a blender with Retina (one that the dr. will custom make for you based on your acne) my skin it's clear...
    Beacuse you can't have quemical peels try, salicilic treatments there's no downtime and you won't peal. Just a little redness...they do wonders!!
  4. If they're simply blemeshes, try using a green-colored makeup/concealer. (Physician's Formula makes one... although I prefer Good Skin from Kohls). Green is a contrast of red, so it naturally diminishes the appearance of red without damaging your skin or clogging pores.
  5. There is a product at some Walgreens called the Pimple Eraser. Yes the name is HORRIBLE but that little product is genious. It is a glycolic acid solution and i swear it helped to clear up my skin in record time. A little drying but moisturiser fixes that.
    Not all Walgreens carry it, if they do its always on the very bottom shelf or you can order it online, which is what I do.
  6. I meant Obagi products, ups.
    Try to corect the problem not hide it..Good luck
  7. I give two thumbs WAY UP to Proactiv. I know the commercials seem a little out there - but I tried it and I absolutely LOVE it! The first time I used it my face just felt so CLEAN! I used to break out on my chin without fail - EVERY month. I have had a pimple since I started using proactiv. Its recommended twice a day, but I have found that it works just fine for me if I use it once in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. I belive if you try it, it also has a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. Good luck!
  8. The product I use for blemishes is not normally used for that purpose. I have very sensitive skin, and can not use anything with salicylic acid or benzoil peroxide. Instead, I use a small drop of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. The blemish is usually gone the next day for me.
  9. I did try using proactive before and it was wonderful (this was about a year ago)... before my sister recommended me this avene product, i bought the whole set of proactive... but it simply didnt do anything for me, instead my face became very dry and pinkish.. it was like the product was stopping any oil production on my face :sad:
  10. Yeap. I heard of Obagi before. but according to my friends, it will peel your skin as well, is it true?

    Anyhow, i have stopped using the avene product as my face is already peeling anyway.. the blemishes has cleared on some parts but the parts that are peeling is really dry.. is it a common occurence for peeling skin? and when it touches water, it stings a bit.