Any Recommended Ebay seller for LV

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Dear all
    I just wonder if you have any recommended Ebay seller for LV bags that you bought something from before and would recommend to others! :nogood:

    If there is already another thread that talks about this, please send me the link as well, since I try to search it but didn't find it.

  2. authentic_lvlady, rebeccalou, let-trade, fashionphile, plus many many more...
  3. let-trade and emaishida

    Both are MPRS.
  4. I love Fashionphile and just sold them several bags. They are priced fair and always authentic.
  5. I just bought 3 bags from fashionphile, they are on ebay and have their own site too ...they are great and always authentic,no worries there...
  6. Have any one try ebay user gbhype before?
  7. Just got a great deal on a Speedy 35 from: emaishida! Was nervous about buying internationally, but bag was just as stated and came in 3 days...super nice seller!:yes:
  8. ^^^ Please refer to the thread posted by MissBanff.

    Thanks! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.