Any recommendations on a (Eyebrow) Waxing Salon in San Francisco?

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  1. I am in major need of a wax or tweezing or something for my eyebrows. I would love to go somewhere in San Francisco or anywhere near Berkeley, within one hour's driving distance. I would really appreciate your recommendations on a location as well as names of anyone you recommend in particular. TIA! :wlae:

    PS I don't know if this matters:shrugs:, but I am Asian.
  2. Have you tried Anastasia counter at the Nordstrom counter?

    They even give you a tutorial how you should keep your brows.
    And its only 25.00
  3. ooh, nope! i will check them out! Any other suggestions, wonderful PFers?
  4. Benefit Brow Bar (at Macys in Union Square) might be another option...

    If you're in Berkeley, Cloud Nine in Oakland gets great reviews:
  5. anymore suggestions? I plan on going Friday, when I'm done with finals! :yahoo:I think I'm more scared of the waxing then my finals.:sweatdrop:
  6. I would suggest threading. There is a superb persian women in downtown SF who has TONS of clients. She has two locations and I think she is at her other location (south bay) thur-sun. I suggest her only because she does a terrific job and its $15-$20.00 and it lasts quite ALONG time.
  7. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!

    I ended up going to Benefit Brow Bar and got them done by Mo (short for Monique). It was good, but painful. Although, I think for next time, I am going to try Cloud Nine. I read some great reviews about this place, but she couldn't squeeze me in, and I leave tomorrow to go home. (Oh, I miss LA)
  8. ^ I wish I would have seen this earlier. Next time, check out my girl Felicia @ Taybella on Union St.

    She's the best! Tell her Rocky sent you.