Any recommendations for acne scars?

  1. I have a lot of scars, mostly from acne, on my face. I hope you guys can recommend me some products that will help reduce those ugly scars. TIA!
  2. TALK to a dermatologist. They can REALLY help.

    Some suggestions I would have are up to the individual's health, and most are prescription, but it helps when people are honest. This has what worked for my friend... he had sever acne in his teens and in his mid 20's corrected it.

    * Retin-A helps your skin speed up it's renewing cycle. It can help push the scarred tissue out and grow fresh tissue.

    Depending on your age (if you're in your teens I'm not sure how much of the following is acceptable, best to ask), you can also get

    * Microdermabrasion series. At about $125 a pop, you'll need six over the course of 6 mo - year. They will gently use a sand and suction to exfoliate your face and bring down ridges.

    * Dermabrasion/laser. A much more agressive procedure, but will resurface your facial skin with sanding similiar to micro.

    * Chemical Peel. This will use chemicals to resurface your facial skin. This is usually successful at acne scars and fine wrinkles, but it is very agressive and a last thing to try, not the first.

    Good luck with whatever you do! I really do recommend a dermatologist though, they are there to help! :wlae:
  3. It depends on if your acne scars are deep or not. If they are old & deep only "procedures" will work, applying creams won't work as they do not penerate the lower layer of your skin. I would recommend microdermabrasion or fraxel laser treatment
  4. I agree with the two previous responses. I have old acne scars and chemical peels and microdermabrasion did a good job getting rid of some of them. But, for me, the laser treatments worked the best. My skin isn't flawless, but it's beautiful now. (I realize that sounds like I'm bragging, but my dermatologist and her esthetician have done a wonderful job with me.) It's taken about a year and a half of really aggressive treatment to get it looking so smooth.
  5. mine weren't too deep but i got micros and light chemical peels
  6. laser treatments are usually the best and are they pitt scars or are they just flat
    and what kinda acne did you have

    that makes a difference inregards to the type of scarring
  7. wow what a perfect thread for me at the time! i began to break out less and now i am left with these hideous scars too. i had these scars from like 5 months ago and a few of them a year ago. most of htem are just flat and brown spots... any recommendations? i'm not quite sure what kind of product to use..

    sorry if im stealing your thunder breakfast lover :push:
  8. Go to your doctor and see what they can give you. A derm is best but your regular dr can also perscribe common acne drugs.

    I use Retin-A since I get under the skin zits really easily and they leave nasty scars. At first you will break out more as your pores clear but then you will hardly ever break out. The Retin A also helps get rid of scarring.

    Since it's for acne, insurance should cover it. (It is also used a lot by derms for anti-aging which insurance won't cover.)
  9. My sister has severe acne scaring on her whole face, it's difficult for me to convince her to do anything about it..

    At least the mineral makeup I bought does a good coverup if she needs it, I just hope when she grows older she won't regret the decissions she's making now.
  10. My 16 year old is dealing with this now. She is taking a break from her accutane, a powerful acne medicine. There are numerous websites you can check out, just go to google and type in acne. is a wonderful one.
    Alot of people talk about different ways to get rid of scarring. Best of luck to you!
  11. I've been using Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel for a few weeks, and I do see a difference. It's not drastic, but I do see some lightning of the areas where I had marks before.

    For $10 it may be worth a shot, if your marks are not too deep.