Any recommendations for a great deerskin bag?

  1. I just love the feel and slouchiness of deerskin...I did find a really nice Prada tote on the 'Bay but I'm not tied to brand names for this quest. If someone happens to see a really nice deerskin tote at a good price, please let me know:yes: !
  2. I honestly believe that the Bottega cervo (deerskin) bags are the best. I have a black Cervo Veneta (the hobo) that I love. I love that classic style, but I didn't want the signature weave. I get so many compliments on that bag!
  3. Be & D makes deerskin bags. Their Crawford hobo is made of deerskin. It's pricey but has been showing up on sale in the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman end of season sales.
  4. Some of Chanel's luxe ligne is made of deerskin also.
  5. the dior street chic. look it up. so phat.
  6. I like Prada's deerskin items- holds up fabulously and amazing to tote around all over the city... :smile:
  7. The Prada Cervik Antik is one of the most fabulous bags in deerskin I have seen, still available in stores in the smaller size.