Any recommendations for a cell phone case?

  1. I'm looking for something to put my cell phone in that can attach to my belt loop. I'm looking at something like this

    Poire Cell Phone Pouches : Poire Meow Cell Phone Pouches

    I'm also considering getting a smaller coach wristlet. I have a larger one and it seems to flap around a lot when I attach it to my belt loop.

    Just wondering if you have any suggestions. Or if there are any other options. Thanks!
  2. If you don't mind paying a bit, the Chanel reissue line has cell phone cases that can double as teeny tiny purses. Really nice.
    There were some on eBay several days ago, but now they're gone. You can keep a look out for them tho.
  3. Brighton has a ton of cell-phone cases too.

  4. Chanel:


  5. There are some really nice phone cases from Juicy couture! :yes:
  6. try Cath Kidston