Any Reccomendations where to purchase a used Rolex online?

  1. Anyone have any reccomendations for eBay sellers or websites that sell only authentic used Rolex?

    I am looking into purchasing my first Rolex and I think I want the ladies date adjust with with 2 tone jubilee band with a MOP face, anyone know what that currently goes for?

    If diamonds are added to a lot of the second hand Rolexs and Rolex wont service them, can any reputable jeweler service it?

    TIA for the help!
  2. I wouldnt trust getting a rolex from eBay or any website. Tons of scammers out there. You can try pawnshops that sell pre-owned rolex watches.
  3. My first post here.

    I think Rolex is one of the most imitate brand of all watches.
  4. I'd be careful on e-bay. I bought my Rolex about 15 years ago and rarely take it off. Just had it cleaned and serviced. It cost over $600. to have it done, but you only have to have it done about every 10 years or so. It is the 18K gold perpetual datejust so there is no battery it just keeps on ticking forever! Love it!!! Go to a Rolex dealer, they may sell used ones that people have traded in.
  5. Mayors sells preowned Rolex but you have to ask for it.
  6. The only place I know that does pre-owned Rolex online is

    They're an Australian company that deals exclusively in second-hand and vintage collectable watches. They have a pre-dominant interest in Rolex. The reason I would recommend them is that they offer an international internet sales service but are an actual shop in Brisbane, have a store and workshop where they restore the watches, so no dodgy stuff. I walk past the store every day going to work! So you will be dealing with a real company.

    Also, since it's an Australian site, prices are in Aussie dollars, which should compare nicely with the exchange rate (am assuming you're in the States?)

    I generally wouldn't trust eBay - too many fakes. Good luck with your search!