any rec for shoulder bag? - to carry books and notes -

  1. I need roomy shoulder bag to carry books and school
    What is big enough and not too heavy?
    any suggestion?

    thank you for reply!
  2. I am currently looking for a bag for the same purpose. I'm looking at the Gucci abbey medium shoulder bag, and the large jolicoeur tote. I also looked at the Coach hamptons pebbled leather totes, they would work excellent for carrying books and notes but I personally don't like the braid on them which is the main reason I didnt get it. I am only worried that a bag big enough for my books (they're not HUGE though) would look weird on me because I am so short (5'1).
  3. What's your price range?
  4. I've used the Coach Soho Signature tote for carrying around notes and a book (or two). It depends on how much your going to be carrying, but this did the job for me last semester. I was also able to fit my personal stuff in the pockets on the side.

    I had it in all black, so the logo (in my opinon) wasn't "too loud" to take to class. They come in a few different sizes-- only the small and the large (i assume its the large?) are listed on the website. You can check it out for yourself if you are interested.. good luck with your bag search! :smile:

  5. lb bh or speedy