Any reason to save my old USPS receipts?

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  1. I have a massive envelop full of USPS receipts and delivery confirmation forms from the last year. Is there any reason to save these and if so, how long should I keep them?
  2. I am wondering the same thing...hope someone answers.
  3. I have a bunch too. I guess if it's over the claim time period and item has been received and feedback left, then toss them. Personally I would wait 6 months. Unless you need them for tax info, etc.
  4. I've just read horror stories on here about people having their accounts frozen and being asked for all of their shipping receipts....
  5. What happens if you enter one of your old delivery confirmation numbers? If it still tracks the package, maybe you should save them? If the parcel is no longer trackable, what would be the point in saving it?
  6. I also have the full tracking info on email...maybe we can throw half of it away since it's the same info.
  7. I also read on this forum that they reassign the tracking numbers after a certain period of time! Someone said they entered in the tracking number and it indicated the package was delivered a year ago to a different state!
  8. ^^ That's true! (The recycling of tracking numbers, at least by UPS)
  9. Well, I NEVER save my receipts once the item is received. If I see that the buyer has left me feedback, then I toss them. Otherwise, I honestly cannot see the reasoning behind saving them. Perhaps someone else can enlighten me...
  10. I create folders in my e-mail program containing tracking info, or if I ship it the "old-fashioned" way (i.e. not printing from PayPal), I e-mail to myself the tracking info. I save the e-receipts for about 6 months or so.

    Just what works for me!!!
  11. Thanks for all the advice! I use to toss my receipts after something was received and feedback was left, but read a few horror stories from TPF'ers about their accounts being frozen and paypal\ ebay asking them to dig up all of their shipping info for an alloted period of time. Maybe their circumstance was more specific, but I don't want to toss them and then learn 6 months later that i need proof of mailing or something.
  12. I've heard of pfers getting chargebacks after 6 months and then having to scrounge up shipping receipts. I think the best thing to do is to immediately enter the tracking info into paypal after you ship the item.... then it's saved on their network.
  13. i would recommend saving them for at least a year. i was one to get hit with a chargeback. not good but paypal asked for DC aand i was good