Any really young mothers out there?

  1. Are there any young mothers here? Young as in maybe 16-21??
    Or did you have your first child at a young age?

    How did you parents react towards it?
  2. I was 22 and Dh and I were not married yet, But I did have a good job at the time and would have been able to support myself and a baby had things not worked out between us. My parents were supportive the whole way through. I was very lucky.
  3. ^airyes thats really good! How did you manage to be pregnant and work at the same time? That thought makes me dread every time I think about that. And school at the same time!
  4. I was working tons of hours 50-60 a week when I got preg. It was very tiring (retail), but luckily I had my own office to go rest in every once in a while. Then the company eliminated my position and offered me the position which I was managing with the same pay and 35-40 hours. I was 8 months at the time and more than happy to take it. I had been at my job for 6yrs so when I had my son I was able to take 3 months off. Things just worked out in my favor. It could have been much harder.
  5. I was 21 when I had my daughter (I am 22 now, since July 6). My parents were very happy for me and very supportive. They both knew that I was in a committed relationship and that I was with the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. They also knew that I was mature enough to handle the responsibility that was coming to me.

    During the time I was pregnant, I attended University to get my accreditation so that I could study at a German University (I already studied for 3 years in the US, but the German education system required me to take a special course before going off to Uni.). I gave birth to my daughter on April 29, 2 months before my course finished. I struck a deal with my professors to continue my courses by corresponding and doing assignments per fax, email, and videos. I took exams at testing centers. I graduated as one of the best in my class, with a 1.5 GPA (1 is the best you can get here).

    I'm going back to school in October!
  6. The same with me.^^^ We were young, not married but had a great jobs. I think everyone was a little suprised at first but then got excited. I just had my second one at 22. Everyone was very excited this time around.
  7. I was 21, and they were thrilled, I was married (jwe had ust had our first anniversary when I got pregnant, it was planned)...married much too young, but that is a whole other story.
  8. I was 19. Many years ago. Married, but divorced within a few years. Raised my daughter through college and law school. Don't recommend it -- but there was no other option. Couldn't have done it without my parents. Have remarried and had 3 more kids since I graduated law school.

    I think it's best to be more settled before you have children. Finish your college education (at least). Have a chance to grow up and figure out who you are before you are responsible for another person. JMO. Thank goodness my daughters have not followed in my footsteps.
  9. I was 19 when I got pregnant and I was also married (only for 3 months though). My parents were happy. I had my son when I was 20. It was hard at first being a young parent...well I'm sure it's a little hard to adjust at any age to your 1st kid. Everything has worked out well for us. My husband and I are still happily married.
  10. I was 18 and engaged.
  11. I was 17 when I had my first one and 19 when I had my youngest. I am now 21 and in the middle of divorcing the father. I do not regret it for ONE minute, those kids really turned my life around. It's been a hassle going to college and working, but thank God everything has been working out for me. :smile:
  12. I just had my little one a couple months ago when I was 20. He came 2 weeks after I finished school and I'm going back in a week and a half. I'm engaged and both sets of parents were really supportive because they knew we were in love and in a serious relationship.
  13. I had my son when I was 18 and it was actually easier then than it was a couple years back. His family was extremely supportive and still are till this day. My mother was a different story. She had a hard time accepting it and it took her a about 7 months before she even touched him and two years before she allowed him to give her a kiss. Now both families support with babysitting and caretaking duties but putting myself through school (both Bachelor's and Master's) while working full-time and being a single mom was NOT a fun thing. My friends call me Superwoman because they're in awe at how I survived doing everything I did but I can honestly say that I would not wish the experience on my enemies.

    I'm curious as to why you asked this question.