Any Rants/Raves on Anna Corrina Mini City?

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  1. I really want a black mini city, but wanted to get some good opinions from my trusted TPFers. Any opinions will help! TIA
  2. I just got mine last week and I LOVE it! I love the smooshy feel of the leather and I think it's the perfect size for daily use (I don't carry a lot so a bigger purse would not make sense for me). I'm not fond of the gold hardware but other than that, I adore my new bag. :smile:
  3. ^^^^thanks for the insight! anyone alse own the mini city???
  4. I don't own one, but I just saw the same design at Target. :push:

    While I think the dual use is very clever, it seems that it would be hard to get stuff out of the bag when you're using it as the shoulder version.
  5. I love mine. I use the mini on weekends or whenever I don't need a bigger bag to tote work things and such. It's a perfect size for me and I have a small Chameleon insert for it that gives it organization and makes it easy to switch bags. The black pebbled leather is AC's best --soft, rich and smooshy.

    Do a search for this topic -- there are lots of reviews and thoughts on the bag. tPF'er cgsprings and I got ours around the same time last month and we both have pix and reviews of it up. Hers is the butterscotch color; mine is the pearl.

    Oh, and don't forget to order from a site with a code! :smile:
  6. I love mine. I have black and the leather is extremely soft. Others here have also said that the black leather tends to be nicer. It is also extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  7. And here I am to add my own Kudos! I can't express how much I love this can hold it on your elbow, in your hand, with the double handles on your shoulder and of course with the shoulder strap. It is lightweight. I also use the size small Chameleon which is perfect inside of it. It is SO easy to get into no matter how you wear it. Mine is the butterscotch which I love although I know everyone raves about the black. That butterscotch color just does something for me! The leather is smooshy enough for me and I'm embarrassed to say that not only do I inhale that leather scent constantly with my nose buried in the bag, but I insist my husband and all my other family members smell it too!! I didn't care for the gold hardware at first (and I still wouldn't mind if she used brass in future if it didn't make the bag heavier) but I've gotten used to it and as you can tell, I'm having a love affair with this bag!! Good luck to you if you decide to get it and I hope you love yours half as much as I love mine!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. I really like the style and functionality of the bag. However, I find that she has quite the variation between the quality of her leathers. I have the city duffel in the black leather and it's MUCH thicker than my mini city in butterscotch which is thin and drier. Some of the detailing is a little flimsy (zippers, thread straggles) as well. Thus, I wouldn't pay full price for the mini-city, but if you have a code and get a good deal, then I think it's a great bag to use everyday.