Any Rachel Pally colour experts out there? help!

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    Do any of you know the name of the colour of the second
    dress in the picture? It is from Rachel Pally's summer 2006 collection:

    I hope you can help! thanks xx

  2. All I see is a red X :sad:.
  3. rachelpallysummer5.jpg
  4. Bump!

  5. I think that color is just called "cream" if you check Shopbop or, they carry a wide selection of Rachel Pally and all of them say cream.

    Love the color though! And all of her stuff are really soft, I love it!
  6. Hi thanks but its def not cream. It is like a very light peachy colour. Here is a pic with flash and without flash:


    I want to sell it so I really need to find out the name of the colour.

    Thanks xx