Any Race Fans? IRL, Nascar, Formula 1

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  1. Any other tPF members who are race fans? We are a car-freak family and my husband and sons are huge race fans. I actually got sucked in too!! I'm a JPMontoya fan and since he switched from F1 to Nascar I guess that makes me a Nascar mom!

    Anyone else? Anyone watching Indy this weekend?
  2. I am a fan of going down to the local drag strip and watching people run. But I never really got into watching it on tv. I used to watch it with my father when I was younger... but somehow the habit never stuck.
  3. Mmmm...the sound of an F1 car revving to 15K rpm's or a 1000+ hp drag motor, when you can feel its vibrations in your chest. I like that.
  4. Well, I'm in Indy so without doubt an Indy 500 fan! :tup:

    We have friends who have a suite at turn 3~ the BEST time ever~

    I grew up watching Nascar & going to the old dirt track races with the sprint cars when I was little. Good times!

  5. :tup:
  6. Wow, Acegirl, another thing we have in common!!

    Please, take me along to the suite and we can wear our matching Air Kings!!

    Have fun this weekend!
  7. More of a Nascar than an Indy fan. I do like the funny car races too! Dad is big into cars - so we watched nascar, indy, funny cars, all of that growing up.
  8. LOL! Girl, if you were here, I'd surely have you as my sidekick:P (& the AirKing has taken it's place as my favorite watch:graucho:)

    Forgot to mention, I met A.J Foyt last year at the race. I'm just sitting there eating a sandwich & he walks into the suite & shakes my hand:nuts: (Thank God I didn't have mayo all over it or anything!) Very nice guy~ He just hung out & had a drink with everyone. I kept thinking to myself, "my dad would crap his pants right now"
  9. Nascar rocks!

    My BF helped me see the light after taking me to a Daytona 500 race. He worked for Nascar a few years ago, and I just didn't get racing until I was was an amazing experience!

    His current job involves dealing with Nascar a lot, so he goes to many races...last week Charlotte, next weekend Dover, etc. I love hearing about his experiences and watching a race with him-when possible.
  10. OMG - too funny! If that were me I would have definitely had mayo all over everything, tripped on my way to shaking his hand, and been completely speechless!!

    That's what I really like about those race car guys - they seem like regular, normal, everyday guys. No entourage or anything. Even with Nascar, you can camp out on the track and meet all the racers. How cool is that if you have kids?

    So glad you love the Air King! Do you get compliments? I love it b/c nobody ever has one.
  11. ^ Well, DH tried to steal it from me, lol! I told him he could have it if I got his Presidential:graucho: That didn't fly!

    I know what you mean, those guys are such "good old boys" & most of them have that gentlemanly southern drawl that I just love. I said "Nice to meet you Mr. Foyt" & he said "Aw hun, just call me A.J.";) I know that he probably had better things to do that day. I don't know what made him come up & hang out with us but it really was a treat!
  12. Acegirl,

    I forgot to tell you I put a Nascar "42" sticker (JP Montoya) in the lower left hand corner of my summer car.

    Here's my son at a track event. How funny is it to have a Nascar sticker on a porsche??


    I found a great post at on the "sexiest" race cars. Stay tuned. I'll do a thread on it!
  13. ^ Aw, that's too cute! Looking forward to the article, you always post great ones!:tup:
  14. Lisa your GTO is GORGEOUS.


    Racing... mmmmmm I'd die for Dale Earnhardt Jr.... :drool: and Casey Kahne.... :drool: No, in all honesty I used to dirt track stock car race and I love the sport, in all its incarnations.
  15. i work in F1 so im a F1 fan allllllll the way!!
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