any qvc coupons?

  1. I've never bought from them before, and I can't find any codes online:confused1:
  2. Hi!
    I have purchased from them, and I have yet to see a coupon code anywhere!
    Buying something that is discounted might make you feel better.

  3. The only discounts are when they have easy pay (not really a discount but makes it easier to afford month to month), TSV (today's special value), or a OTO (one time only when the TSV sells out).

    Otherwise, you can use a rebate site which typically give between about 3% - 5% cash back.
  4. oh well. thanks for the help and info!
  5. They hardly ever have coupons. I don't think I've ever seen a coupon for them!
  6. I go through fatwallet and get 3% cash back. I'm sure lots of other sites give you cash back if you go through them when you shop.
  7. ^ Agreed :yes:

    I've never seen a QVC code, but if anyone ever sees one pleeeeeeease PM me! I love QVC!!!