Any quick cures for heartburn?

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  1. I have tried everything from Rolaids to Phazyme and Alka Seltzer. Anyone? TIA
  2. Hubby and I swear by Pepcid. Have you tried that? We think it works almost instantly.
  3. I swear by tums chewable tablets. Works fast!!!!
  4. QUICK !?!?!...................Chew gum or eat a teaspoon full of frenchy's mustard or eat a red apple(with the skin)

    I always get HB my doctor told me about these.....the gum and apple work great...... the mustard works some what.

    ALKA SELTZER works great!
  5. 4 tums for me everytime!
  6. Ranitidine or Cemetidine. Those are the generic names, brand names Zantac (Ranitidine). These OTC drugs reduce the production of acid into the stomach - so it sorts the problem at source. In other words, you are treating the cause, rather than the symptoms, which the antacids (mentioned above) treat.

    Ranitidine really does work and quite quickly too - within about 20mins. I am never without it. :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. I tried Zantac and it came back in a couple of hours. I think it might be acid reflux now.
  8. Go to your doc and get a prescription for Nexium. I used to have very painful heartburn and it was the only thing that cured it fast. If you call your doc tomorrow and tell them that you are in a lot of pain, they may be able to either call in the prescription for you or get you in the office.

    Good luck!
  9. I chew Tums and that usually takes care of it pretty fast for me. If it's persistent you should see a doctor.
    BTW I'm only 30, is it normal to have heartburn so young? I only get it occasionally, but I guess I always assumed it was for people a lot older than me! I have a healthy diet too.
  10. I have maaaaaaaaaaajor pregnancy heartburn (so bad all the time it makes me actually vomit) & the only thing at all that I find that helps is constantly drinking lots of still water. seriously, a sip every miniute or so. its like you can feel the fire being quenched.
    You have my sympathy, its quite the most horrid thing to go through.
  11. I am only 32 and I have had 2-3 major bouts with heartburn. If it is not a regular occurance, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Sometimes diet is not the only factor. My doc told me that alcohol and coffee can also play a major role.
  12. chewing gum or drinking unflavoured carbonated water, so coke, pepsi etc doesn't count!
  13. I am 26 and get heartburn quite regularly. I found taking Tagamet helps me a lot. I have always have my house stocked with Tagamet. I ended up going to the ER a couple months ago because heartburn became so severe and I had it for a week straight. They assumed it is my gallbladder and did an ultrasound but found no stones. It also could be acid reflux. I guess it is hard to diagnose when there are no obvious symptoms like gall stones; so I just have to watch it and see if any of my symptoms continue.

    Anyway the doctor gave me a prescription of “Protonix” which is used to treat damage to the esophagus and increases the amount of acid produced in the stomach. It really helped me out a lot. You should see your doctor if you still continue to get heartburn regularly. There are many reasons why you can have it, so it is just best to be safe. Gall stones, stomach ulcer, acid reflux, etc.

    Also do you drink a lot of caffeine or take a lot of pain medication (Tylenol/Advil)? Regular use of those can upset your stomach and cause frequent heartburn.