Any quality issues with other models then St. Louis?

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  1. Have never had any issues w/ my bellechasse and I used to wear it to work everyday with my laptop in tow.
  2. Artois leather has patina-ed (scuffs, softening) but no other issues.
  3. This has been my experience with my Bellechasse bags.
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  4. Can a mod fix the spelling in the title of this post?
  5. I own 4 st.louis PM, i had extreme problem with the white since it started to chip after 2 years and the canvas turned too soft to carry. I had no choice but to turn it into gym bag. The other 3 have been working splendidly. I also own a fidgi (discontinued), and a hardy so far they’re terrific.
  6. I’ve only got St Louis...but only one of them has really worn handles (not cracked, but wanting to soon). The others are all great. They are all PM because I’m very short, I don’t carry anything heavy (laptops, water, textbooks, etc) just normal purse-type stuff, and I take good care of them when not worn (I hang them so the handles don’t flop and when I’m carrying and set them down, I try to arrange the handles so they are flipped inward resting on each other to prop them up instead of letting them bend/flop outward.

    I also don’t carry any one bag more than a week or so at a time before I tire of it and rotate into another, but. So far all mine are holding up fine. Had a Fidji but it was stolen and it was a good bag too. Hope she at least was stolen to give to someone who loves her now.:crybaby:
  7. I do expect someday they will chip and crack. I’ve seen some St Louis from when they really were handdone (no stencil) where the dots were really starting to just wear and rub away, but I mean, how long has it been since they weren’t stenciled...? Hasn’t it been at least almost ten years..?
    So eventually each one will turn into a gym bag or a grocery tote or something. But at my rate of rotation, I expect it to be more than ten additional years before THAT happens..