Any quality issues with other models then St. Louis?

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  1. Read a lot about quality issues on the St. Louis totes and it´s horrible that Goyard doesn´t sort this problem out. Have you had any issues with other bags by Goyard?
  2. anyone?
  3. I haven't had any issues at all with my yellow St. Louis, so not everybody does. The frequency definitely bothers me about the idea of further St. Louis purchased though. I also own a Bellechase and Marquises. No trouble with them either.
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  4. I have two st louis, bought them 8 months apart in same boutique ( one tan one green, both gm) no problem yet, had them for a year
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  5. I've had my St Louis five years, no problem and my daughter has no problem with hers either, and she hauls a lot in it.
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  6. I've had problems with my St. Louis. It seems like it's hit or miss with Goyard. I don't intend to purchase again. My sa told me that marquises and belchasse also have issues. Go on eBay or second hand seller sites and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  7. My Artois is 6mths old now. The handles are similar to St Louis & Anjou. I've been using it regularly and it's comfortable on my shoulder. No issues on the canvas and handles at all.
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  8. My handles were great on my St. Louis for the short time I wore it. It's my painted stripes/initials that turned out to be a hot mess. Goyard has had my bag for a month and I am waiting in word of repaint or replacement.
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  9. What issues are people having with the St. Louis? I just got my first one yesterday (yellow GM). Now I'm worried.
  10. the resin or wax finish on my crosiere handles peels off and the chrome finish on the zipper pulls tarnished completely so never got another structured go yard again

    still i love the bag its like a well detailed speedy and as much as i don't love louis speedy quality has never failed
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  11. What kind of issues Bellechasse Biaude has according to your SA? Isn't the corners covered with leather, is it?
  12. I have the Marie Galante MM, and it's perfect. The handles are thicker, and they're not stitched onto the body of the bag, so there's no issues there. It's also a structured bag and the interior is lined with the yellow Goyard canvas, so it's much more durable than the St. Louis and Artois (as it should be because it costs almost 2x as much!).
  13. Do you happen to have any tears in the corners or cracks on the handles?
  14. I have had my GM Black/Tan since 2011and the Chevron print has faded where the bags hit my hips. However, I just love the bag. I think I carried it every day for a year or 2. It is a great bag and well worth it if you need a lightweight tote.
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