any purse less than 2k?

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  1. been wanting to get a new chanel that is medium to big size.. been searching this forum but having a hard time.. looking for "less structured" purse, not black.. any suggestions? thanks!
  2. It's almost impossible to find a Chanel that is that size for less than 2K but I would also love to know if there are any. =P
  3. WOC (wallet on chain) and the classic clutch are under $200 although I dunno if those really count as a "purse".

    I believe the PST (petite shopping tote) is still under $2000? Is the Kelly still under $2000 as well? (last time I checked the Kelly was like $1995 or something, dunno how long ago that was...)
  4. I saw a new small purse in the BH Chanel store this Friday. Don't know the name but it will holds a wallet, cell phone and keys comfortably. It has a long classic chain for cross body. You have to wear it cross body. It's ~$1170. The one in the Chanel store is black w/ SHW and I also saw a white one with SHW in BH NM.
  5. I just remembered, the E/W flap is right under 2K and it is a good size to fit essentials.
  6. The jersey flap bags, the jersey or melrose Cabas bag.
  7. I haven't seen a jersey flap or cabas bags in the stores lately. Do they have any right now for the new season?
  8. Small Kelly is $1,925, but that is definitely a structured bag.
  9. How about Paris Biarritz? I think it is a very versatile and durable! Pretty good first investment under 2k:biggrin:
  10. Is the ultimate soft still around? I think that was under 2k...around 1800 I believe.
  11. PST is definitely a great bag which under 2K. Classic and functional.
  12. ^well the pale gold cabas is from last year but I haven't even seen it much online...I have seen a couple of the pale gold jumbo jersey flaps on ebay...the melrose degrade is from 07 (i think) and i have also seen those on ebay before.

    I actually don't think that they have the jersey cabas this season but they do have the jersey flaps! They make it in pink and its adorable!
  13. The rest have mentioned: WOC, PST, East West and Paris Biaritz.

    Maybe a pre-loved Medium or Jumbo Flap.
  14. pro_shopper: Thank you for your feedback and information! You really ARE a pro, You know everything! =D I will keep my eye out for the jersey flap. =D Thanks again!
  15. ^ LOL thanks...I think that means that I need to slow down on the shopping! :blush:

    I hope you find the jersey flap! Be sure to post pics when you get it! ;) I just got a new chanel bag and I do a reveal tomorrow...too tired to do it tonight!