Any protection if pay via money order?

  1. Hi,

    Just curious to know from some experienced eBay sellers. If I pay for an item using a money order, am I protected in anyway? I'm an international buyer and the seller refuses to accept payment via paypal becuase they lose their protection as I dont have a US paypal confirmed address.

    What is the protection for buyers using money order?

  2. I also asked the seller why they did not accept paypal, and she claimed the reason was becuase the seller gets no protection if the paypal account doesnt have a confirmed address. Is this true or is the seller just making up the reason???
  3. Only addresses in US, UK, and Canada can be confirmed, so unless you are in one of those countries, the seller does not have any paypal protection.
  4. There is really no protection for money order and it would be very hard to recover your money.

  5. but does the seller have additional protection by recieving it in money order?
  6. well, she knows you won't turn around and do a chargeback or something ! once she has the money, its hers . if she's an established seller with good feedback, i wouldn't worry
  7. You know I sold a bag on Friday to a gal in Austrailia and accepted her payment via Paypal and it showed her address CONFIRMED ?!!? Is that something new?? I insured and sent USPS Express Internation (so signature is required - anyway) for my protection - but was surprised when the address showed confirmed...:shrugs:
  8. How can I check whether my address is confirmed???
  9. Go to paypal and log on.. it is reflected in your account.

    I'm from Singapore and my account is just verified and not confirmed. BTW, it is not easy to do a charge back to CC in Singapore... I tried (when I received a fake Gucci purse from a seller) and the CC bank required a lot of paper work..

  10. I must be blind because I cant see anything that says confirmed or unconfirmed! I guess the thing that worries me most is buyer protection, if I dont receive the item. The seller had not had any bad feedback in the past 12 months, but have had a few mutually withdrawn/negative feedback about sending out used products which was a couple of years ago.