any products to reduce pore visibility?

  1. I know that there is no way to shrink your pore size; however, has anyone tried a produce that worked for you?
  2. this should be posted in the beauty section, but i find the clinique "pore minimizer instant perfector" to be amazing. it's a cream, but goes on invisible powdery, and basically camouflages your pores. it's like $16 and i think it's worth it!
  3. try wonders
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  5. The only product I know of, as mentioned, is Clinique pore minimizer. I personally haven't tried, but I have also heard mixed reviews on it.
    Some tips I have read are: put something cold on your face(reduces appearance), and foundation usually reduces appearance as well.
  6. For a minute I was gonna say "Glasses...and perhaps a dictionary" ;)
  7. cliniques pore minimizer does work really well. i loved it but it made me break out so i stopped using it. but i highly recommend it if you aren't prone to breakouts!

    i even had a tester/sample of it and gave it to my friend's husband because she said he was always worried about his pores and i guess he loved it as well!
  8. hmmm....time to give clinique pore minimizer a try then!
  9. I use the Vichy Normaderm series.
  10. Nope, not according to my dermotologist. I asked him a few weeks ago - he's in his fifties and has the skin of a 30 year old! I totally trust him.
  11. Yup. Any dermatologist you may ask will tell you it is impossible to minimize pores. What these product do is fill them up with collagen so they look "closed". The only thing that improves the condition of oily skin is vitamin a, and it's not something you can buy over the counter...
  12. skinceuticals daily moisture pore minimizing moisturizer! It totally minimized the pores on my t-zone and uper cheeks.
  13. I used to use Shiseido pureness matifying stick. It's oil free so won't block your pores and it makes them look smaller. This is only a temporary solution, though; I have no idea if there are any products that reduces pore sizes for good :sad:
  14. yeah, clinique
  15. Any Biore is great, if I remember correctly the whole brand is based around smaller-looking pores.