Any problems with the color Taupe

  1. Ladies!!!! Walked into Nordstrom at noon today and there was - on sale!!! a medium Paddy (Price: $1,540) being sold for $770!!! Only that Paddy in the group of bags for sale. I grabbed it fast, looked it over and it looked good, so I purchased it. I keep thinking that maybe the leather in that color will fade, thin out, etc. Have you had any problems with Taupe colored Paddys. Cleaning wise, wear wise, please let me know! I love the bag and think that I hit a jackpot today. Thanks, ladies!!
  2. Pics??

    I haven't heard anything, but there were a lot of Taupe Paddys at my Nordys. Is Taupe the official name?
  3. Lol sounds gorgeous....I can always babysit it for you if it's not the right color for you lol!!!!!:sneaky:
  4. :nuts: $770! What a great deal for a medium paddy!!!! Congrats~ :tup:
    I've never heard of any problems with Taupe....
  5. Show us the bad boy!
  6. Pictures, please:yes:. What an awesome deal you got!!!
  7. Taupe is my MOST fave colour. Its delicious. You got an amazing deal there, and we just have to see piccies of it :biggrin:
  8. I purchased my taupe paddy last year. No problems great neutral bag. Great price. Congrats!
  9. I used to have that color and I loved it. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks, ladies, for your responses! I will deal with technology and hopefully be able to post a picture. I wore it for the first time with turquoise and white top and white pants. It looked awesome! I went to Nordy's this weekend and was told that a lot of Paddy's were put on sale at the beginning of their half yearly sale and they sold like hot cakes as soon as they were laid out. It's their opinion that someone returned one of them and fortunately I was there at the right time to snap it! Again, I really appreciate your responses to the taupe color question!
  11. Margarita, can you tell me what Nordstrom you found the taupe at, I wanted to see if the location was doing their second cut sale yet so I can get a PM on my paddington. Thanks!
  12. WEll, the Nord where I got the Taupe paddy was at Montgomery Mall, in Bethesda, MD. I don't think they are doing the second cut yet - I was in another Nord today and the sales ladies would not tell me when they're doing a second cut. I did not see medium Paddys but I saw a lot of other Chloe at this other location, (Tysons Corner, VA. ). Good luck!
  13. Thanks margarita, I wish they'd hurry up and do second cut- I wouldn't mind a little more off my paddington. I know some of the SA's had told customers to call back in 2 weeks to make sure the bags they bought hadn't been marked down further. If I find out anything I'll be sure and post.

    :tup: Oh and congrats on your beautiful new paddington- can't wait to see pics of her!
  14. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    I adore taupe. It's a fantastic color for sure. One of my top three Chloe colors ever :heart: (right with blanc and bleu nuit)
  15. new here, but I always wanted the Taupe medium paddington since last year! It was my dream bag but I couldnt' afford bags around $1,000.

    But if it's 50% off, I think I can make the investment.

    How do I go about finding which Nordstroms have this in stock so I can do a charge-send? I'd rather find it in a different state so I can avoid paying almost $70 in sales tax (on a $770 item).

    At that level of discounting, is it a final sale?

    Thank you!