Any problems with Ivoire Epi?

  1. Im debating between the Ivoire or Black Soufflot...has anyone had any problems or issues with their ivoire???
  2. I have an ivoire epi lockit and have had no problems with it.

    When I first purchased the bag I hung the lock off the side of it and it left a black mark where it had swung from side to side but that cleaned off with a soft damp cloth, I have taken the lock off since then.
  3. I have two ivoire pieces - a passy and a speedy. I used them both through out the summer/fall - and they look great. The first white bag I have ever owned that the white didn't yellow or the handles look grungy at the end of a season. I don't particularly baby it either. I highly recommend it.
  4. got the ivoire alma - no problem at all, i use it even all the time
  5. That's really interesting - I was asking the SA at LV about how hard it is to keep the ivoire epi leather clean, and she said it's just like any other white bag, where it will smudge and get dirty. Guess she didn't know what she was talking about?:s Now you ladies have me thinking about ivoire again! :graucho:
  6. thanks for all your comments, im really loving this color!
  7. it really didn't sound like the SA was doing her job! :\ the epi material is quite handy to maintain no matter what colour really!
  8. I have been carrying my bowling for 6 months and I just clean it with baby wipes and it looks fine.