any problems with BV purchases from Bluefly?

  1. Being a BV newbie, I'm astounded by the number of BV bags on Bluefly all the time--including current-season colors and styles--and at great discounts. I'm wondering if any of you have had any problems with BV bags purchased from there, as far as quality or authenticity goes???????

    Reason I'm asking is that I'd love to take advantage of the BV deals there, but from time to time with other designers, there have been a few limited issues raised with Bluefly here on tPF.

  2. Cosmopolitan, I also wonder where Bluefly gets their BV items from.. because several bags from the current collection appear occassionally on the website.
    I have purchased one BV bag from Bluefly so far, and it is authentic.

    Cosmopolitan, you can do a search regarding this. There are a few threads regarding Bluefly on BV forum. I don't know how to post the link to those threads.
  3. I recently received a Carmine new ball bag from Bluefly. This is a current season bag and I was worried about it's authenticity, but it looks to be the real deal.

    I wonder if Bluefly just gets some factory over-runs and/or perhaps slightly imperfect bags... BV does have an outlet, so it's possible that Bluefly happens to get some of the over-run stock that would otherwise go to an outlet.

    I also have heard that Bluefly may get merchandise that department stores initially order, but then cancel, which leaves the manufacturer with excess that they need to move...
  4. I've bought small items from Bluefly and they have been authentic. A few years ago there was apparently a problem with one or two brands, but since then I haven't heard about fakes being delivered.
  5. I was one of the ones that last year received a fake Balenciaga bag from Bluefly. I am always a bit suspicious of their bags after that.
    One question I have is would the BV stores service your bag if something went wrong, presuming it was authentic?
  6. Hmmm... thanks everyone for your comments and advice so far. I'm still on the fence for now about whether its a safe bet... The upside is, as we all know, Bluefly has an excellent return policy, in case of any problems.
  7. as i mentioned before in other threads regarding bluefly-i bought a ball bag from them a while ago and the leather was really stiff and didnt feel right so i ended up returning it. i was being paranoid i guess but i dont buy bags from bluefly anymore. i would buy accessories, clothes and shoes from them since i never had any problem with that.

    good luck!
  8. I do think that Bluefly may get their BVs from the Asian market because they have had some bags that were sold to the Asian market and not in the US such as the Old Petra Sloane and the Ferro Pyramid. I've never ordered a BV from them, so I can't speak to their authenticity.
  9. Today I received a BV from Bluefly with someone's eyedrops still in it! LOL! (anyone missing ROHTO???) But that happens with NM too so it's annoying but not concerning. Actually I've ordered several bags and accessories from Bluefly and have been completely satisified. It has saved me a lot of money although I'll still go retail when I must-have :yes:
  10. That is too funny!!! Wait, let me check my medicine drawer for my eye drops...just kidding!
  11. LOL, blugenie and ouija board!!

    I've bought several times from Bluefly with no problems. It's DHL (their delivery service) that's a PITA! LOL
  12. I've ordered BV bag & wallet from them couple months ago, and it's authentic! Even I brought it to the store & compare it with the one at the store, and it's exactly the same, no defect whatsoever...
    In fact, I'm eyeing on another BV bag that pop out at bluefly recently, I'm in love with their new carmine color, it's TDF...
  13. LOL!!
    I've also purchased from Bluefly and have had no problems.
    I wonder if their items are buyer samples, because they do have a lot of the latest models. Plus, they only get like one of each many times. Buyer or journalist samples?

    I think that it would not behoove BV to let their overruns get out into the market, nor their imperfect ones. It would ruin their brand to have anyone discounting their current items.

    But the mystery still continues... where exactly do they get their hands on these??
  14. No problems with mine either - it's definitely authentic and very happy that I was able to get this one at a discount since it never goes on sale in store (Medium Veneta in Ebano)