Any problem on quilted caviar???

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  1. I'm now planning on buying a WOC quilted caviar in black since I want a chanel bag that i don't have to baby much. I do have a classic jumbo in caviar but the smaller bag would be more ideal to run errand or to use as a more convenient bag. (I do baby my jumbo very much btw even though it's in caviar)

    Since I plan to not have to baby this WOC much as I can throw it around or use it in a super crowded place (like a club or something), I'm wondering whether the quilted cavier can get flatten overtime like lambskin if it got sqeezed a lot or whatsoever that might happen???? or it can pretty much hold its shape overtime?

    My initial choice were WOC quilted caviar and WOC sevruga (both in black), since I'm willing to pay more for the quilted style I hope it will be more durable as well (not regarding the sevruga quality problem) because I don't have to worry about the quilted caviar will get flatten for the sevruga.

    If any of you have any experiences, please share it here. Thanks a lot!!!!:smile:
  2. The first problem I can think is hard to find....?
  3. Totally agreed! These are hard to find!

    I haven't noticed issues with quilted caviar. I would say it is the most durable out of the leather bags.
  4. no problem at all!! I love mine!!