any printable in-store coupons valid for this weekend?

  1. I'm going shopping this weekend, any coupons I can print out and/or special deals and sales at particular stores?

    I believe Express is having an extra 20% off everything in their store on Saturday.
  2. i saw century 21 in ny daily news- i think there is a filenes one but havent seen one myself.
  3. Victorias secret 15off bra+ free panty (coupon)
    Victorias secret 20% off. (coupon)
    VS is also doing their promo, with purchase get a sleeptee for $10 (for the weekend-most like sat & sun)
    VS 40% off giftsets (no coupon) but you can use the 20% off to get a good deal.

    You will find them if you look through the deals pages or do a search for it in this forum.
  4. WOW terpey thanks for the info that site is great! im going to be the coupon queen now!:tup: