Any pretty-shoes suggestions for someone with bunion?

  1. Hello,

    At my current age of 22, I have spent spent the ages of 13-20 living in high heels and now have bunions. I wear flats with a one inch heel, and I'd really like to wear something more stylish/fashionable/pretty. Any suggestions on how to wear, where to buy, which ones to buy? Are there any tricks out there for someone with the same problem? I have tried wearing wider widths, but with higher heels, they just push the foot forward so my toes push against the front and hurt... and I end up limping.

  2. I would avoid anything with straps over that area, as that just draws attention to it. Victoria Beckham has really bad bunions, she'd be a good set of feet to look at for inspiration!
  3. Victoria Beckham limps around with massive bunions in strappy stilletos... yikes! I read somewhere that she takes a painkiller before any major event. I hope i don't end up like that...
  4. I bought a shoe stretcher from Target that has little holes all over it, so that you can put in a bunion stretching piece to stretch out a specific area of the shoe. I don't have this problem yet, but my Mom does, and says that this is a really great item!!
  5. I have the same problem...if you get one of those gel toe spacers to wear when you're wearing a closed toe shoes, it helps with the bunion getting worse. As for shoes, i prefer to stay away from strappy, and pointy and get the ones that kinda wrap around it. mmm...lemme find some examples.

    I have this one, and it covers the part that hurts. Even though it's high, the platform part makes it better and I don't hurt at all after wearing it.
    I'll post more if i find pics of other shoes that worked on me. =)

    oh, and as for the higher heels and foot pushed forward, i totally know what you mean. That's why for the summer, I wear more open toe so there is less pressure.
  6. Thank you for these suggestions! More, more , more!! ;)
  7. The key for me is to have shoes that doesn't put too much pressure on that point...that's why the wedge with the open slits on the side worked for me
  8. that is really nice, that wedge .

    however, i live in the north and it's getting colder. plus i have to walk to school and around campus, any boot or other shoe suggestions?
  9. hi... i don't really have a big bunion problem but i have wide feet that suffocate in narrow shoes... a recent great find was the classic chanel cambon ballerina flat... it's quite roomy and the most important thing is it covers the bunion so there's no pressure on it from the rim of the shoe... i think that last part is something that from now on you should look for in shoes. it makes a huge difference. i try to avoid low cut shoes with "cleaveage" because the leather makes my bunion bone hurt... does this make sense? LoL hope i helped you:smile:
  10. OK..GASP..I have a bunion..LOL..What I do is look for shoes with a low cut vamp..alot of cute ballerinas by Chanel and Gucci are low cut in the front..and dont touch the bunion area....
  11. Check out Donald J Pliner. The man designs some wonderful shoes. They are fashionable and sexy while being absolutely the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. The shoes come in a large variety of heel heights and styles.
  12. The born shoes are my saviors. Some of them are even cute.
  13. Look at Helle Comfort shoes. I am planning on getting these boots, and I hope they are comfortable!!! The nice thing about is they have free returns. I wish these boots were plain and not patchwork, but the other pair of Helle shoes I have are SOOO comfortable (great arch support, great metatarsal support) that I am willing to compromise.

    Helle Comfort Laine Boot Black Croco Combo

    Another thing to try is insolia insoles. They supposedly shift your weight to your heels so that you don't put so much pressure on the front of your foot. I found they weren't all that miraculous for me, although they seemed to help a little.
  14. Any luck finding anything yet? I just ordered the above Helle boots, and will update y'all to let you know if they are comfortable.

    I also just ordered these Donald J. Pliners, which seem to have rave reviews:

  15. Well, unfortunately, I am STILL relegated to wearing my black Dansko Floras day in, day out.
    The Helle boots were BEAUTIFUL in person, but alas, they were too narrow in the forefoot.

    Similar problem with the Pliners, although they were fugly in person (I was hoping they looked good with pants...but they just looked a bit dowdy).

    I'm really frustrated. Looking for more ideas on what similar looking styles to try (I'd like boots or work shoes with a *little* bit of sex appeal). I am really hard to fit because of my really W-I-D-E forefoot. I also have very high arches, and most cute shoes don't even TOUCH my arches!