Any pre-loved bags in Kuala Lumpur?

  1. Hi Malaysians, Im in KL for holidays and would be great if you can point me towards a 2nd hand bag shop. Thank so much!!..
  2. I know there is one at Sri Hartamas but I don't have the address.Sorry.....
  3. i went to that one. nothing i like. any others???

  4. Hi, can provide the full address, so that when I go to KL, I be able to visit the shop. Thanks :p
  5. Plaza Damas, Hartamas Shopping centre, block P
  6. anymore bag shop in KL?????
  7. How about the price in second hand shop in Plaza damas.It's 50% cheaper than retail price?
  8. I am not sure if all are. Some are less than 50% of the price whereas some are only 10% less of the price. They are on consignments by the bag owners, so the prices depends on the owners of the bag, not the store.

    Have you been to this store before?? I want to buy from her online because I live in the USA. She has a brick and mortar store in Kaula Lumpur it looks like.
    Can you give some sage advice? ;)
  11. Also wondering if anyone has any experiences with this shop?