Any possible seller scams like this?

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  1. So being the unlucky me this month I have bad feelings on a purchase I made this morning :sad:
    I just got married last month:biggrin: but I don't want a big wedding so I'm planning on a vacation wedding with both our parents and just take pictures everywhere we go.
    So I wanted a few nice wedding dresses to change for the trip, one was white by vera wang (breathtaking right) But I didn't want to pay 1000+ on just one, so I looked them up on ebay.
    I found a beautiful one in my size, price was $430, very reasonable for a one time use condition. It was ending in a day so I put a watch on it. when I woke up the next day, the listing was taking off, and replaced with a buy it now(hmm) so I bought it :biggrin: and immediately realized I just bought pair of miumiu heels before I went to bed and didnt know if it went through. So I message her right away asking to let me check if I have enough in my credit line and I'll pay ASAP(because personally I despise ppl who buy, no pay, and no msg no response!:graucho:).
    Immediately she messaged me back saying: there's another woman who wanted the dress, so she relisted it for her to be fair, and if she did'nt buy it before I pay, then I can have it. First of all, is she allowed to do this on ebay?
    So being just woken up and gullable me, I was like no its mine:graucho:..So I paid right away. Then I messaged her saying that I paid, that she should make sure she don't sell 2 by accident, confirmed what is being shipped, and I also reassured her I'm a good buyer so no worries since she has 0 feedbacks. 0 feedbacks :sad::sad::sad: I understand if someone never sold on ebay and is just selling her wedding dress. But I have not heard from her ever since, even though she msg me about the other woman no more than 1 minute prior to my payment, not even to answer my questions. And I don't think there was a relist of the dress either :sad::sad:
    I just want to know if there are similar possible scams. I don't want to doubt her and I know I can wait a few days and see, but it just doesnt seem like the reaction from a seller who already received $430 from a buyer.
    Im just paranoid, please forgive meee :cool:

    seller:cstaley_2012 (signed up on ebay 9-9-12)

    I love this forum and the awsome ppls :biggrin:
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  3. Are you worried that she is simply taking your money and not shipping the item? If that is the case...if you don't receive your item you can always file an INR claim with ebay and you will get your money back.

    Also, was this a bidding auction that you were initially watching? Many sellers do end their listings and change it to buy it now for interested buyers that want the item immediately and do not want to engage in bidding. I personally don't see anything wrong in that...unless you already bid and she ended the auction and changed her listing to buy it now for someone else...then I don't think that is fair. However if there no were bids yet I don't see a problem with that.
  4. Thank you so much for the insight! I will wait and hope everything is fine :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. No problem! If you haven't heard from her in couple of days I would shoot her a message. Usually they have a time frame of when you should receive your item by. If she doesn't meet that criteria, file the INR and get your money back. Good luck and keep us posted :smile:.
  6. I know I'm protected by ebay, I just hated contacting them to solve issues and theres always a hold until I can get money back. I just need to be more careful and stop compulsive purchasing! ;) much love~
  7. Tokki - Any updates?