Any Porsche Boxster owners?

  1. Yep, another one of those car threads, but I had to ask. I am pretty sure I've seen people on here who said they had a Boxster, so I want to ask how you like it. I've been thinking about getting one for a while. Then I went and drove a Cayman and a 911, and got myself a little confused about what I want, but I still think my top pick is the Boxster. I actually sort of preferred the 911, but the price difference is pretty significant so I think I'll have to wait on that one. Also, the one I drove felt a little uncomfortable as far as me in the seat, but it might have been because it didn't have power seats and I couldn't get it adjusted right. Unfortunately I didn't get to drive a Boxster that day and plan to go back and drive one, but I understand it's about the same as the Cayman except with a convertible top. I'm leaning towards wanting the Boxster.

    Two things I wonder about though are how to keep my hair from flying all over with the top down and more importantly, WHERE DO I PUT MY PURSE?????!!!! I guess put it in the trunk when the top is down. There really isn't much space in this car to stash your purse safely with the top down. Funny that's one of the first things I thought about, is my purse!
  2. I have one! 2003 in seal grey with black leather. LOVE it. It has plenty of power, love the conv. top and way less expensive than the other lines. I have the sport seats, so they really hug me, but hubby feels squashed.

    I put my purse on the passenger seat, on the console between the seats (only smaller ones fit here), behind the seat, or in the back between the seat-kind of where the back window is. (Reach into the area where the wind screen blocks) With the top down, it is on the passenger seat or floor (I don't worry about dirt, the carpet is cleaned often) As far as the hair, get the wind-screen. On windy days, keep the windows up too. You will get a nice breeze but not too much.
  3. So the windscreen helps keep your hair from flying? I have pretty long hair. I figure I'd have to get a hat or something.

    The problem with my purse is not only where to put it but that I don't live in a city that it's really safe to have your purse anywhere out in the open in a convertible. It could get snatched while sitting in traffic.

    When I drove the Cayman I loved the seats, so I assume the same seats can come in the Boxster. It had power seats. But for some reason the 911 they had at the dealer didn't. Don't know why anyone would buy a car that expensive and not have power seats, but apparently someone did. (It was used.)

    Glad to hear you like yours. I'm a little nervous about going from an SUV to a roadster, but I've had my eye on the Boxster for a while.
  4. Wow Zophie!! You will look HOT with a Porsche and your Louboutins! I have no experience, sorry. Good luck though!
  5. probably have to take the Louboutins off to drive it though! I wonder if I could order the car in Louboutin Rolando red?
  6. OMG that would be amazing!!!! I would die by just looking at it..the wine red color is SO beautiful. Everytime I wear mine, strangers come up to me and compliment me. :biggrin:
  7. Can you believe I haven't worn my red Ronaldos yet, other than around the house? The weather hasn't been right since I bought them and I'm scared to mess them up.
  8. I don't find that weird because when I get new CL's sometimes I don't wear them for a really long time. I usually have to stretch them out or get used to the shoe before I go out wearing it. I have not worn my Lady Gres out yet..but I will for a party soon!
  9. I think when they are new I get nervous about messing them up at first too. Then once I've worn them I'm okay with it, but at first I just want to look at them and keep them perfect. I sound like a pscyho!
  10. My bf has a red boxster, and there is absolutely no issue with hair flying all over the place with the roof down as long as you have the optional wind deflector fitted. Before the boxster, he had a TVR and that had serious wind issues, so I bought an Alexander McQueen skull scarf to wear in it, but since getting the boxster I haven't had to wear the scarf once. I do keep a baseball cap in the side pocket for when it is really hot, which is not often in the UK!

    When I drive his car, I just put my bag on the passenger seat.

    The only downside that he finds is the limited boot space, certainly compared to the TVR which had a bigger boot than my 3 series. Also, both boots get quite hot, so if you go food shopping, it is best to use the front boot, as the back gets particularly hot due to the location of the engine. Sorry, just realised you are in the US, but I am sure you realise that by boot I mean trunk!
  11. I have a 997 cab s and I find that with my long hair, it does blow in every direction esp at high speeds (driving on freeways). It helps to wear a twilly, headband,a baseball cap, or to tie it up in a ponytail. The wind deflector helps alot as well.
    If I'm going into an unsafe neighborhood, I don't put the top down for obvious reasons. My Birkin usually sits on the floor of the front passenger seat or behind my seat on the floor if the top is down. If you are paranoid, you can always leave your windows up.

    Also, one good thing about the 997 cabriolets is that the the wind deflector acts like a " hard net cover" since it covers the entire back seats.

    Hope this helps~:heart:
  12. I would put it behind your seat or the passenger seat. Behind (at least my year) has a larger space near the floor that it accessible by flipping the seat forward. No one should be getting in there.

    As far as the seats, I don't know if they are the same. Porsche has nearly every option as a stand alone so the person might not have wanted/needed it- which is silly considering the price of that model. Mine are only 1/2 power, forward/back/up/down is manual, tilt is power.
  13. JazzyJay, yes I knew what you meant by boot. The salesman assures me I can get my rolling suitcase in there that I care my work equipment in, so I hope that won't be a problem either. I'll have to check to make sure though because if it won't that would be tragic.

    I hadn't thought about getting a skull scarf or twilly, but that's a good idea. I don't usually wear anything on my head, so if I get one I'll have to look into some cute options for my hair. I really look hideous in ball caps.

    I know there are a ton of options so I guess I'd have to choose the power seats. The salesman told me there are like 60 pages of options or something. I think if I get this car I'll have to wait a while to get it since he said there doesn't seem to be a build date until March for a new one. And they didn't have a single new Boxster on the lot! I'm a little nervous about the price negotiation process. I've never had a problem buying cars before because I just would walk off the lot if they got pushy. He was not a bit pushy, but if I decide to get it I'm not sure how to get him down on the price exactly.
  14. Over here, there is always an eight month waiting list for a new one, and no chance to negotiate on the price, the dealers just won't even consider it. The best we can get is that they may include a few small extras, like the wind deflector in the price, if we push really hard.

    From the point of view of resale, over here anyway, the minimum spec expected is leather seats, and the wind deflector. Best to get a 3.2S also if possible, as that is the most desirable model. Bf has heated leather sports seats in his, but we need them heated in the chilly UK winter. Some of the other seats are in a fixed position, they are racing type seats, so it means that shorter people cannot drive the car, as the seats can't be adjusted. I sat in one which had those seats, and I could not reach the pedals.
  15. well, I'm only 5'0", so I need adjustable seats! The guy at the dealer told me that he thought the minimum height (though maybe for the 911) was 4'11" to fit in it properly. Don't need heated seats around here, but if they were to make air conditioned seats I'd buy those!

    It seems since they don't have any in stock that you really couldn't bargain much on the price. I wouldn't mind buying one slightly used if I could find exactly what I want, but I'm not sure that'll happen.