Any Poptart owners?

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  1. Can't seem to find too much about the Poptart on here. (I'm thinking about getting one in mineral yellow.) Any owners with thoughts or pics?
  2. I don't have one but it seems like a great smaller bag. I'm not a fan of divided compartments so it's not for me, but if that doesn't bother you than go for it!
  3. Well... you can buy poptarts at the grocery store... generally around the granola bars or cereal ;)

    I haven't seen it IRL, sorry!
  4. :P
  5. ^^Good one TK!:lol: Sorry, I've never seen one in real life.
  6. This thread makes me laugh... I teach a student that goes by the nickname "Poptart"... I can't call on him without giggling!
  7. Fun thread.. and making me hungy. Strawberry is by far my favorite flavor! Sorry I can't help with the bag!
  8. cherry is my favorite :lol:
  9. The Cookies and Cream or Chocolate Fudge poptarts are the BEST!
  10. The S'Mores poptarts are pretty darn good too!
  11. Wow....stayin' on topic I see.