Any Popincourt Haut owners?

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  1. Hi. I am new to the forum but I wanted to know if anyone else has the PH. My husband bought the PH for me in Maui on our honeymoon. I love my bag, but I haven't used it much. I have worn it 5 times since November...

    Honestly, I am so scared to get it dirty. I already have a Speedy 25 and pouchette (sp?), but I hate the stains that I get on the vachetta!!! My Speedy has a random blue stain on the handle, it's not ink and I have no idea where it came from...that's the kind of thing that gets me nervous.

    I guess I have a love-hate with my LV bags?

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great holiday and gets the LV of their dreams this holiday.....
  2. Hi! The PH was my first lv. I still love it. I used it everyday for a couple of months and it looks great. I must admit I had no knowledge of how to care for vachetta, so I'm amazed that I didn't ruin it! I did get one small stain on one handle from marina sauce, but it's virtually invisible now. I quickly wiped it with a wet cloth and now that it has a little patina, you can't even notice it. Try to enjoy your new bag! Congrats on your wedding and what a great new husband you have to get you the PH in Maui.:girlsigh:
  3. I purchased the PH back in August and the overall patina is fairly even. I noticed some color transfers onto the bottom corners of the bag from my clothes but unfortunately there is nothing I have figured out so far to prevent this from happening. I just try to make sure not to take any of my LV's that have vachetta out when I know the weather is going to be crappy so I do not get water stains on them.

    But princesskutie I understand how you feel about breaking in your relatively new bag- you should use it and enjoy it.