Any Pommier Lovers Out There?

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  1. I saw a picture of an 07 vert gazon GGH City here and fell in love with it, but I know this one is hard to come by. I just found a Pommier GGH City with very nice leather and I'm trying to decide if I should get it.

    I have a pretty decent handbag collection with lots of neutral colors and bright colors, but I don't have any green bag yet. Do you guys want to enable me or talk me out of it? How close is pommier to vert gazon and which do you like better?

  2. I have both pommier and vert gazon, and I have to say, I prefer the pommier. IMO, the colors are VERY similar, but the pommier is a tiny bit lighter (a little less rich, if that makes any sense). I'd definitely go for the pommier with GGH--TDF!
  3. Since you seem to already love Pommier, GO FOR IT! I've seen it in person and it is gorgeous!! The Vert Gazon will be much harder to find, brand new at least.
  4. i have a pommier first and i love it! it's just the perfect punch of color...i say go for it!
  5. I love Pommier, and it's such a fun pop of color (but not TOO pop!) but I might be biased since my one and only is a Pommier City! :smile:
  6. pommier is very pretty! if i didn't have an apple city i'd have something in pommier!
  7. I have a pommier GSH PT and I LOVE her! Go for it-if it speaks to you, its meant to be!!
  8. Wow, you must really love this shade of green! Do you have a comparison shot of the two by any chance? So glad to hear you actually prefer pommier. :yahoo:
  9. I only saw Pommier (or at least that's what I think I saw) at a local NM once. Although the pop of color did attract me at the moment, I wasn't too crazy about it because it was a RH City, but GGH makes such a big difference on the bag!
  10. Thank you! I guess it's a lot easier to find enablers here. :P
  11. I'm sure it won't be your only BBag down the road. ;)

  12. Apple Green is a lot lighter green, isn't it?
  13. LOL, I've got too many "meant-to-be" bags lately and my poor wallet ...
  14. I too prefer Pommier. The VG leathers tend to be a bit on the dry side. I've got a Pommier Pencil and it has soft leather. :tup:
  15. Thank you! I love soft leather, but isn't VG made of the much coveted chevre leather?