Any Pollini fans?

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  1. I don't see Pollini in the designer forum, so I'll post here. These are my pride and joy; it's been difficult tracking them down. :smile: Sorry for the weird photo. They're so butter soft and have no solid structure, so fail to lend any assistance in posing. ;)
  2. these are really nice bags, but I don't usually like pollini bags...but my view here isa Italy they are everywhere and I don't like too common items
  3. There are lots of the signature Pollini around, but not the (what I consider) high end bags like this. I just adore them.
  4. i love ollini i only have 2 a cream back pack and a black bag both have the letter p all over them thats the style i love i got them when i was in italy but i cant find that style in the us