Any Poker Players Here?

  1. So I was extremely bored today and decided to go into Party Poker and play a few hands.. I ended up playing for like 3 hours. Haha. Oh well. At least I'm up! Any others out there that play too?

    and omg, you guys HAVE to see this hand.. i won it of course, but the pot was so low. *cries*

  2. Oh how fun! I've never played online before...

    Is it actual gambling, or just for fun?
  3. you can do either or. i played play money for a little bit ( i have 17,000 play chips in my account) or real money (to which i have about $80 in). haha.
  4. cool, 4-of-a-kind! :rochard:

    i play poker all the time, sometimes online, but it's usually at

    i used to play just for fun, but now that i'm hooked, it's become my hobby (besides bag collecting of course!) lol
  5. Oh yeah!!! Besides purses, poker is my other love. I play online, not for money though, just tokens, but I play at the casino whenever I go. I love it!!!:biggrin:
  6. i'm not allowed to gamble... hehehehe!!!
  7. *pouts* no one ever wants to teach me poker maybe i'll learn online
  8. i don't know how to play poker.. i wish i knew...
  9. ha ha ha... wow, i never try this online. i always play this when i go to the beach in weekend with my friend, and we can play till dawn on the beach side :P
    we don't use money, we just play silly games like if u lose 5 times, u have to put a bottle of drink chained on ur neck like a necklace until someone else loses.
  10. i love poker!! My dad got me a set of plastic chips and a brand new deck of cards when i was 12!!!!!!!! From then on everyone in my family loves to play! We keep gettting nicer and nicer chips! I love it!

    I've never played online though, how do yo make sure that you are not playing for real money? I'm just scared that somehow i'll be playing for real!!!

    One of my cousin's friends when he was 16 won 100,000 $ on online poker! Can you believe that $100,000 when he was sixteen! Wow.

    I just bought this poker software, but it is a little annoying, i dont like playing against fake ppl. So what is the best online poker place?
  11. I LOVE poker! I usually play in tournaments online and when I lived in Cali they had poker rooms where I could play tourneys live. I LOVE poker!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i like poker....
    not for money tho.
    i'd rather put the money into savings account and use it to buy purses :biggrin:
  13. nice hand! i'll play occasionally only with play money though. too scared to play with real money. :P
  14. Yeah, I regularly play 8-16 limit hold em live.

    That pokerroom taught me how to play poker. Once I turned 18 I deposited $50 into my account and played .25-.50 limit hold em for an entire summer. Made $300 :roflmfao:

    Which poker software? What kind of poker are you playing?

    I like Full Tilt Poker. Pokerroom no longer allows US players after the poker ban. FTP has great prizes, tournaments, and has the best array of different limits and games. Great graphics, good interface, an all-around good poker room.

    I can teach you. What do you want to know?