Any plans for LUCKY Saturday? (07/07/07)

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  1. I booked dinner at my favorite resurant and told DH he had to take me to dinner Sat nite. When he asked "why?" I told him it's because I'm "so Lucky in Love" heehee :love:
  2. Hope you have a good dinner!

    Dh and I have no plans but our baby is due that day!
  3. How did I miss that date?? LOL

    My cousin is getting married on the triple 7s, and BF & I are going to go watch Jim Gaffigan perform at the Blaisdell... ..what fun!

    Lucky weekend this week....

    and watch out for the Friday the 13th next weekend!!
  4. :tender:awww! congrats!
  5. I will be in jordan .. CANT WAIT!!!!!!! my mom never saw her family in 18 years so its very exciting!!
  6. no special plans YET... but i would like to do something with my honey... it's been a while since we had a "date night"

  7. awwww!!! congrats! lucky baby!!! :yahoo: do you have a name ready?

    it's actually my SO's birthday that day too... i was kinda pissy because EVERYTHING was booked that day, it was so hard to do anything special for him. phooey. we're just going to head out to montauk in long island on sunbathe, and then maybe have dinner somewhere out there.
  8. My mom turns 70 on that day! Isn't that cool!!???!!
  9. hmmm don't know we should def plan for something
  10. Haha!!!!! That was originally supposed to be our wedding day...and I nixed the idea of July 14th caz I didn't want the rehearsal dinner on Friday know...stupid....but hmm...I'll be home, and I think we have a wedding to go to....Lucky them for getting that
  11. My husband's 10 year class reunion!
  12. I was going to get married that day too!! But it's just too damn hot in Miami!!
  13. no plans yet but i know quite a few people getting married on that day
  14. I'll be a bridesmaid that day. Woooo:rolleyes:
  15. I'll probably head down to the casinos in MS to see how "lucky" that day really is!!!