Any plans for Black Crash Love Me or WTM?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone know if there are plans for for Black Crash Love Me, LMM or WTM in the fall? That's what I'm pining for but if there won't be any, I'll have to settle for something else in the sale.


  2. A WTM in black crash would be gorgeous!

    The only way of getting one sooner would be to order it individually or save some and get a group of 8 together who are interested in the same bag.
  3. Yes, I think a WTM in black crash would be georgeous! I'm patient and can wait; I don't think I have a need for a bespoke yet at this point. I just thought I saw something about crash leather being discontinued, but maybe it was just certain colors. I NEED something in black crash, so if there wasn't going to be another chance later w/ a LM or WTM, I wanted to get an in stock TME in black crash during the sale.

    Is a group order less $$ than an individual bespoke?
  4. individual bespoke adds 20%...if you get enough gals for a bespoke you get a 10% discount on the regular price.....

    You can check out the new line sheet for the S/S 09 lines...there is only pewter crash being's the link to the colors....but check out the sticky at the top...

    Also to mention that on the website there are no black crash bags that are offered.
  5. I recommend the Black Crash Love Me to you - it is gorgeous and I totally adore mine. Temptation pics attached.

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  6. There is a black crash take me everywhere midi up on the BE website. I like my TME as much as my love me. it tapers more at the top and is very comfortable to wear - although it has less hardware so it's a bit more conservative
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    Georgeous! Makes my heart flutter! The Love Me wears black crash well. I do have the Love Me in Petrol and adore it. The crash looks more puddly. I'm hoping the black crash LM will come back in the fall. Or if I'm not that patient maybe I'll see if I can round up a group.

    I've been tempted by that but I'm a sucker for the LM straps though! I think I'll have to wait for the LM.

    Ms. Lizardo, thanks for explaining pricing on the group vs individual bespoke & posting the line sheet.
  8. pbert....the Balck Crash Love Me is a forever bag. I love mine and it's virtually indestructible, had it in bad weather and nothing bothers this beauty. I hope you get one. Great choice.
  9. pbert... I have been looking (drooling) Black Crash Love Me and I'm interested in getting one for myself.

    I would like red or grey lining (pink is just not my colour)

    I would be nice get a group rounded up : -