Any planned purchases for ****** cyber Thursday?

  1. It might be the push I need to get the batignolles vertical and/or a damier speedy 30 (returned one due to the lining, but might try it again since elux has the 60 day return period)....
  2. i've been looking and looking for something i can get, but amazingly enough, i don't see anything that really appeals to me :wtf:

    and why does ****** still say 4% for eLuxury if it's supposed to be 8% today? :huh:
  3. First of all.....Happy Belated BDay Sandra!:balloon: :balloon:
    Back to topic.....I am hoping by their ticker tape in two hours (10am PST) they will change to 8%.....
  4. oooh thanks Michelle :biggrin:!

    and i really don't know what to get today :shrugs:. i was thinking of the Damier Pegase 60 or 70 and the Monogram Carryall, but neither of them are on the website :crybaby:
  5. Oh, that's too bad. MAybe if you call Elux they have one of your items or can "find" one for you....hope you can take advantage of the % off and free shipping!
    DId you get your combo LV bday/christmas gift yet or do you have to wait for christmas?:graucho:
  6. you know what? i thought long and hard about it, and i decided i didn't really need either of the bags i wanted. there must be something in the water that's making me actually THINK about my purchases :p
  7. How does E-bates work? I signed up for it..but how do you get the cash back? Do they automatically take it off the original bill or is it collected later?
  8. ^You get the % back later through a check or paypal.
    I won't be getting anything though! I wish I knew about ****** maaaany checkouts ago:p
  9. dang....I just bought a Speedy 40 a few days ago from Elux...even with 4% off I could have saved over 25.00 bucks...dang it..