Any place that doesn't charge tax?

  1. Ok so I want to order my Bleecker wallet for PCE but was wondering if I ordered from a store not in my state, would they charge me tax?
  2. You mean do a phone order? I'm pretty sure that most stores are not allowing phone orders for this PCE...:shrugs:
  3. OREGON = NO TAX!!!! :heart:
    Plus they pump your gas for you :smile: Nice when it's pouring rain outside.
  4. Haha.

    I ordered over the phone from my boutique in NY last time...
  5. whatever state you order it from, they'll charge you that states sales tax.
  6. Ok which state has less tax- NY is EIGHT percent...


    Why am I caring about tax?? I HAVE NO IDEA! LOL
  7. well if you order it from JAX, tax here is 6.5%

    but then you wouldnt get the PCE discount
  8. Tax in Texas is a biya! 8.25% :sad:

    I'm not sure if you can get tax exempt + pce discount.. :sad:
  9. Delaware has no tax. But if I'm not mistaken, they'll charge you the tax for the state they are shipping to.... of course what do I know about sales tax... I live in Delaware!
  10. OK beat this.. I was from California.. tax i think is 8% :s..
    Moving to Canada.. and it's 14% :wtf:..

    That's why I always pay a visit to Coach stores (My fav. is Southcoast Plaza) whenever I come back to California to visit my family :p
  11. Wow.. 14%!!!!!!! That is INSANE!!
  12. Wow. I know a lot of Canadians come to my dept. store where I work. Some weekends that's all who is there... canadian after canadian. I'd shop in the states too if I were them!!!
  13. Where in Canada do you live? If you're still on the west side, I'd stop at Coach in Oregon and not pay any tax at all. You get to reap the benefits of no sales tax without the horrendous property tax you get when living here! LOL
  14. Candace.. hehe I did that... the last time we drove to California for my sister's wedding, on the way back.. we stop by an outlet in Lincoln city (I don't remember the name)..OMG it was an amazing deal and NO TAX :nuts: Even my husband loved it.. he bought like 10 dress shirts at Nautica and Ralph Lauren :lol:
  15. I thought that when you ordered something from another store they charge you the tax in your state, as long as they also have a store in your state.